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  • File Reviews

    • By Ziad EL Zein · Posted
      I am beating it on UV ... Note must save and load a ton ... IT CAN be Beaten but one must use Monster infighting to beat this map  Basicly  Try Fail Load Try Fail Load again till you beat this really enjoying ... I like the Map design as well 
    • By MuratMikal · Posted
      Unlike many people that reviewed this megawad, I've like it. The levels are well made and not confusing, the battles are fine and there're enough ammo. If I could made one complaint would be that some maps need more monsters, but overall it's a fine megawad.
    • By Roofi · Posted
      "The Secret Energy" is a moderately difficult Death-Destiny inspired map happening in a surrealistic base located in natural landscapes. As Black Room , I loved the mystic ambiance  and the proper detailing. Also , this map offers a lot of exploration thanks to the semi-linear progression . Finding the secret area was exciting.   The level reminded me a lot of Elysion , especially the beginning where a timed battle occurs.   If I can compare DD's maps with Paul977's ones , I have the feeling that Paul977 create fairer fights in less cramped layouts. So , I think P977's maps is a good way to initiate yourself into Death-Destiny's style.   Here are my stream with the successful attempt (No micro) :     My demo : Energy_3034.lmp
    • By Roofi · Posted
      One of the most iconic DD's maps because of its extreme difficulty. No Chance consists to explore a non-linear large red cave housed by a thousand of viciously placed monsters. A lot of unpredictable deadly ambushes await you and DD gave you few items to let you survive.   No Chance is a masterpiece and a must for maxxers looking for sadistic challenging maps. As go 2 it or Playground from HR2 , No Chance showed how hard a doom map can be. This map was released 10 years ago but aged very well contrary to many hard maps and still need a lot of skill and patience to be finished.   Here is my UV saveless Demo (maybe boring to watch but whatever !)   DEMO
    • By Kapanyo · Posted
      Pretty insubstantial, but charming nonetheless. It's basically a one-minute traipse through some large pitch-black corridors with ghostly wailing coming from everywhere. I'll admit there was a bit of tension when I walked into the dark room and didn't know what monsters were in there since all the sounds were replaced with that wailing but - spoiler alert - there are only Spectres in the level. Otherwise, for its time, it's a pretty entertaining WAD for a minute and I like the narrative it's trying to tell.