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  • File Reviews

    • By Maximum Matt · Posted
      One of the first Max Doom maps I ever played.  Pretty damn good. 
    • By Maximum Matt · Posted
      Yeah, I got about three levels deep before tapping out.  I especially like how the monsters in all the traps are blind. Screw this one. 
    • By DevilutioN · Posted
      Lol that is definitely IcyMew as I met the dude in person. Can definitely confirm from the pic used as the boss that it's him. Not a girl from Singapore. Lmao.
      As long as I knew the guy I never found out why he pretended to be a girl. It's one of those things that baffles me even to this day lol.
    • By mistersector · Posted
      There are some really nice pre-modern aesthetics using stock textures, but gameplay was lackluster due to corridor-room syndrome, key/door backtracking, simple puzzles (e.g. BFG), underwhelming monster ambushes and little to no traps. I never felt in danger, but hope the author focuses on gameplay first and tacks on artistic shine in future maps because he is adept at producing great visuals.
    • By Stupac · Posted
      Try this if you really care about seeing some history of early Doom user created levels. But, be aware that we are spoiled with good Doom content, from Id's classic levels to tons of incredible user content. It is hard to be critical though, considering that I have never created a Doom level, and these guys back in '94 managed to create this episode. All I can say about Serenity is that playing it in 2019 after playing all of Id's classic levels and fresh off Eviternity and Alien Vendetta that I was bored to tears by level 4 and had to stop. I'll give Eternity and Infinity a try though.   If you decide you want to give it a go for the history, expect misaligned and inconsistent texture use. Expect uninspired architecture and layouts. Expect confusing layouts with obvious secrets but concealed paths forward. Expect boring fights. While the wad does try some new things, they failed to appeal to me at least.   To sum up, this review would have been a higher rating, but since we are spoiled with Doom content, I really don't think this wad is worth your time unless you really care about history. I was unable to find anything in this wad that was inspiring or fun apart from the fact that this wad was created by pioneers who we owe a debt of gratitude to because they are part of a long tradition of Doom level creation that goes on today and continues to provide me enjoyment and inspiration. So, despite my scathing review, thank you Bjorn Hermans and Holger Nathrath for making this.