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Deathmatch Prison II (DPRISON2.WAD)<br><br> Author Justin Powell<br><br> Email Address <none><br><br

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About This File

As I only have five living brain cells left, anything I type here as a description will make absolutly no sense.

See, I told you.

Points of Interest LOCKOUT HALLWAY

The very large hallway which starts at the west and east of the main room can be operated in such a way as to lock out other players while you are inside. There is a bank of switches located just inside each of the entery points which are used to close the bars to both entry points, locking yourself into the hallway. The two switches in the very south portion of the hallway are used to repoen one or both of the gates.


If you've already run DOOM with this level to check it out, you will have noticed that all the player and deathmatch starts are located on raised platforms. This is done for a reason. Any time someone dies and restarts on a platform, walking off the platform will reopen both gates of the lockout hallway. This is done to insure that the hallway cannot become locked out forever.


In the control room (the room with the Baron of Hell behind the desk) there is a row of switches and a row of silver poles. Any time a cell door is opened, the pole representing that cell will lower to reveal a red bar. You can then hit the related switch and lock the other player into the cell. The cell alerts were originally set up so that when someone was actually in a cell they would activate, but I encountered resistance from DOOM to the way in which I tried to do this, so I changed it.


That's right, someone must be executed to end this level, and it takes two players to achieve. To end the level, have one player stand outside of the west door in the room just north of the cell block. The second player will then go through the eastern door, and hit the switch which will open the western door. When the first player steps into the gas chamber, he will suffer down to 10% health and the level will end. This was originally an electric chair, but I had problems making doom raise a floor and match it's type to the required type.

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Unknown date

Nice deathmatch level.

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  • File Reviews

    • By Ajora · Posted
      This is a solid contender for being the absolute best Megawad that I've ever played. 
    • By NuMetalManiak · Posted
      I...did not review this, okay. well, it's blue and it's pretty decent and setpiece-y. get used to ribbiks' style and this one is just like all his other maps, very well-designed and fun to play. just watch out for MAP03's final area.
    • By NuMetalManiak · Posted
      it's one of those classic 90's wads you can probably just sift through, but it's not that good. plenty of inescapable pits, some awful level progression, and some actually trollish crusher placement lie within this one.
    • By Budoka · Posted
      A few really good maps supported by a bunch of alright ones. Visuals are mostly Plutonia-inspired, with the occasional veering into Shores of Hell type mish-mash architecture. Difficulty is about on par with DOOM2.wad I think. Overall, a rather pedestrian affair, although the standout maps are certainly worth the time.
    • By dylux · Posted
      BACK TO SATURN X E1: GET OUT OF MY STATIONS REVIEW:   The Good:   - Stunning visuals   - Great monster placement   - Lots of (clever) secrets and they are rewarding   - Enough ammo to keep you going   - The names of the Maps LOL!   - Loads of fun   - Awesome music!   The Bad:   - Not long enough. LOL! I loved it so much, I didn't want it to end!   In Short: I've actually played this fantastic WAD at least 6 or 7 times. Why? This is my second favorite WAD of all time, only bested by its successor, BTSX Episode 2: Fountain of Sparks. I remember the very first time I played it a couple of years ago like it was yesterday. How many times can you say that (in a good way) about a game?   I remember being completely blown away by the architectural designs at the time. I even remember giggling as I sunk in the ocean on the final Map, only to read something like "To Be Continued..." and thinking, "Awww....it's over." But I admit that, like everyone else, I had loads of fun with this.    There is lack of a "customary" final boss (I wasn't certain if this was a "Good" or "Bad" element of the game, hence why it's in neither category above - it really will depend on the player so I kept it neutral). But don't let that deter you! The final "stage" in the last (playable) Map is as memorable as it is wicked, and it'll keep you on your toes just like any other customary boss!   Play this WAD if it's the only WAD you ever play. Definite replay value.   Well deserved Cacoward. Thanks, Team, for making it!   5 out of 5 stars with me.  ~ dylux