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About This File

It's going to be one of those days. Once you get a chance to enjoy the hospitality of the welcoming commitee in this level, the warm receptions you will receive from the inhabitants of these fiendish halls will go downhill. Consider this level as a Gothic exercise in wariness. Beware those empty rooms and reap the benefits from the incarcerated fiends.

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· Edited by Erick


There's definitely some ideas put into use here, but the result is rather sloppy. You start off with three teleporters in the first room, so going in blindly, I couldn't tell if I had to take one teleporter first or if I can complete the level in (almost) any order. To sum it up, you have to go through these teleporters in a linear order to complete the level, otherwise you'll be greeted by locked doors that serve as a reminder that you're going the wrong way. The level itself isn't overly confusing, but coming in the gauntlet room unprepared left a sour impression.


The majority of rooms are spacious and not very pleasing to look at. You'll see big open rooms with dirt and marble textures placed throughout, and aside of the pentagram room with Spectres and an Arch-Vile at the center, the map just boils down to dull rooms and hallways you can run past through. With good use of powerups, you can get by most threats without an issue. There's some bits of carnage, but the overall gameplay feels plain.


A little heads up, but when playing on a ZDoom port, the teleporters at the start of each area will teleport you to a random destination. That is because their lines are zero-tagged teleport actions, meaning they will teleport you to any destination placed on a zero-tagged sector. This can make the level more confusing to complete as you may end up in an area you aren't supposed to be at. When playing in vanilla, these teleporters will always teleport you to the start of the level.

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Unknown date

Pure slaughter, but fun. 2.5/5

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Unknown date

Some fun areas.

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Unknown date

It's quite challenging sometimes, though you're provided with plenty of goodies and ammo. Optically, this early map is no masterpiece, but better than most maps from that time. Nothing special but a nice fun.

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  • File Reviews

    • By Juza · Posted
      One of my favorite megawads. Unique, humorous, memorably, and featuring lots cutesy sector work, such as toilets, helicopters, chairs, and the such, all of which are entertaining to see. Oh, and let's not forget it also has the best IoS fight ever (props to Gusta's girlfriend for serving as reference).   The early levels (from 1 to 7, with the exclusion of the 5th), compared to the rest of the megawad, are very low quality. Not to say they're bad, but they're not levels I'd like to replay when I think of what else KSutra has to offer, or what initially comes to mind when I think of this wad.   Gusta and Method were the level makers of this wad, Adolf "Gusta" Vojta making most levels for the wad (23 levels), and three levels in collaboration with Jakub "Method man" Razák, who alone made merely 6 levels.    Method's levels are easily the lesser the megawad has to offer, being the most lacking in overall quality, and with gameplay and progression ranging from dull to irritating, and are solely the reason this isn't a 5/5, but a 4/5 for me. As for Gusta's levels, I found his progression with level design was visible, with almost every next level outdoing the previous. They're the most unique, fun, and slaughterful.   Gusta and Method boy didn't aim for "pretty visuals, pretty enemy placements, pretty mindblowing mechanics, etc.", they simply aimed for making the levels fun, regardless of what sacrifices. Though they're easier than the usual late-AV or HR level, they're still challenging, and if you're an avid classic lover like me, you'll easily spot the specific inspirations taken from the classic megawads the authors claim to be fans of. And Duke Nukem 3D. What was taken from that is most visible.   4/5, give it a go, but don't be put off by the early, or Method's levels. This is an essential experience to every player who's taken interest in classic Doom community works.    
    • By Asking4Id · Posted
      Visually this wad is very ugly because it uses monochrome. I don't understand this design choice. Absolutely a turn off. 
    • By NuMetalManiak · Posted
      TiC is most known for the Memento Mori's both of which were high-profile releases made for co-op, as well as Requiem which was their final wad. also they are known for Slaughter Until Death, Evil Unleashed, and finally Obituary, which is their most unique release overall. the styles of both Denis and Thomas Moller are quite outdated when put against any and all modern mappers who even exist, but they still prove quite memorable in encounters, notably of the cramped kind. Obituary as I said is the most unique release, the one where they worked with dehacked to create custom enemies (this unfortunately makes the thing hard to play unless you get it from the DSDA download, which consolidates it nicely. the rocket troopers are the best and worst new enemy simultaneously, nasty foes that can easily kill anything around them, even themselves. the stealth fighter is also high on the priority list due to him being fast, and the "harder imp" well he's just harder and all. there's apparently a weapons patch, but it's perfectly playable without it.   looking at the level design, my biggest issue in all honesty may just be the first level and the weird way of getting that yellow key, which is the only real bug. other than that, cramped combat makes for consistent watchful eyes of the surroundings. MAP05 is also quite memorable if a bit long, while others are fairly standard and a bit unmemorable. doesn't mean they are bad though. the teleporter closets in some maps are very poorly constructed it seems, but the whole set still proves to be quite fun to play even with the dated level design.
    • By Gothic · Posted
      A great addition to a great megawad. "Sappers & Moles" by yakfak takes the cake, best song of the bunch in my opinion.
    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      Is a neat short map for dethmatch (and the layout shows it full force), played in SP so you have only that part of the experience, but for what I've played, is short and fun! There's not many monsters and guns to take, I hope at least that in MP you'll have more guns to fight your opponents! But for what I've played, thumbs up.