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About This File

This is definatly the wad I have had the most fun building. I enjoy playing it for both deathmatch and single play. It has some good sniping spots, and weapon placements. A couple secrets rooms which arn't hard to find. Some really nice scenery I enjoyed making. If you would like to play the author at this wad, contact me at the above address, but be warned; you will be playing on my turf! Doom on..

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Unknown date

really bad map and poor level design the monsters are in places that you could run straight past 1/5

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Unknown date

If you could condense every 1994 map into one overall showcase, this would be it. Random texturing, HOMs out to here, random room placement. While it looks horrible, I have seen worse from this era... 1/5

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Unknown date

The rooms seem to have just been slapped together without a care, as most of the map can be skipped with you running straight for the exit. They look sloppy, do not feel like they belong next to each other and contain next to no atmosphere. There are still worse maps than this though & as long as you play the whole map there are some good fights to be had, but it's still not that good due to poorly made areas with barons stuck in a coridoor etc, so I award it 1/5.

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  • File Reviews

    • By elend · Posted
      When first reading this wad's description I thought this will be a 1994 style map, where someone just tried to recreate his office building to shoot up his colleages. Boy, was I wrong!   Going Down emerged as one of my favourite megawads so far, with its very clever use of small to medium map space and interesting gameplay mechanics in every single map. The first couple of maps start innocent enough, but soon you will find yourself navigating literal crawl spaces, thinking about use of space and / or slight puzzle mechanics just before being thrown into hell itself and fighting for your life. Going Down is designed as a literal descent into hell, which was the most beautifully realized aspect of it. How every map slightly changes into a more and more hellish theme is just great, great design work. Even though the later maps delve into slaughter territory I must admit that I still quite enjoyed it. Actually this was the first time I enjoyed being slaugthered and figuring out how to approach the map.   Going Down is simply an amazing piece of work, oozing quality from start to finish and rewarding the player with incredible elevator music inbetween. A must play.
    • By Rosh Fragger · Posted
      Such a wonderful creation! I really wish there were some more maps so this could make it into ZDaemon Thursday Night Survival (TNS) someday...
    • By Ajora · Posted
      This is a solid contender for being the absolute best Megawad that I've ever played. 
    • By NuMetalManiak · Posted
      I...did not review this, okay. well, it's blue and it's pretty decent and setpiece-y. get used to ribbiks' style and this one is just like all his other maps, very well-designed and fun to play. just watch out for MAP03's final area.