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About This File

You are sent to infiltrate a secret computer base in the depths of a gigantic forest. Your commander gave you instructions to wipe out the new breed of mutant that is being bred there. Spectres! But, it seems that when you arrive, you realize that the enemy has let the Spectres get out of hand... They are rampaging everywhere along with their cousins, the Demons! So many, in fact, that all of the enemy soldiers have evacuated and are waiting out landing area for assistance... hundreds of enemy soldiers, Spectres, and Demons, but that is not all! To top it all off, there is a hellish maze of wiring that powers the base... and the mutants have invaded that also. Good luck!

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Unknown date

This is dated June 1996. It's just on the verge of being average, but needed a lot more polish; the design starts off with an irritating switchhunt, and never really recovers. You have to escape from a courtyard early on by pressing a random bit of wall - some barrels form an arrow, but you've probably blown them up already. Then there's a maze, which is easy once you get the berzerk, because you just hold down the fire button. Very disjointed ending.

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Unknown date

Ugly techbase with some other themes thrown in. There's a good opening fight in a sort of courtyard, but then it consists mostly of a maze with long winding blue corridors. The challenge is high, but in a bad way. Let's just say that if conserving health so you can survive a retarded barrel trap, or punching spectre after spectre in a maze with blinking, seizure-inducing light (such that you can't make out anything) isn't your cup of tea, just stop reading now... Hey, wait, where did everyone go? --1/5

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  • File Reviews

    • By Nems · Posted
      Aside from a couple of stinkers (I'm looking at you, maps 20 and 33), this was a pretty fun and challenging map set to play through. For the time limit imposed in order to make these maps, they're of pretty nice quality, I think. While I wasn't the biggest fan of the (in my opinion) overusage of Arch-Viles and Revenants, it was still a fair challenge.
    • By Classicgamer6 · Posted
      Disregard earlier review server error caused me to download the incorrect file. So what do I like? The textures combined with the sharp lighting contrast between heavy dark and rather bright areas. What I don't like is the rather empty feeling level with large rooms and corridors filled with medium tier enemies on Ultra Violence, i.e cacodemons and hellknights, while only given a shotgun and chaingun. The issue with this is that encounters become more tedious than dangerous. I would add a super shotgun or spread out the medium tier enemy placement. The level detailing leaves a lot to be desired with the large empty grey rooms/corridors reminding me more of Half-Life than Doom. With some more detailing and better monster/weapon placement I would rank this higher but as it stands this level leaves a lot to be desired.
    • By CountArchvile · Posted
      ''Build Time:3 Months'' Sure Terrence
    • By CountArchvile · Posted
      the map looks good visually but what does the have to do with doom 64? and how do I kill an archvile with a pistol? and a cyberdemon with a chain gun?
    • By CountArchvile · Posted
      this was the most immersive and chilling wad I've ever played