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Castle Phobos v3.1

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About This File

A nine level episode where the theme is set in a castle environment that is meant to be a challenge. Included is new fantastic music to keep you going. The music is pure pleasure for those who have a General-Midi music device. There are new monsters: A Seargent that looks similar to the player for multi-player confusion, Death's Shadow replacing the imps. You will find that the levels get increasingly more challenging to level 5 and eases off on levels 6 and 7 and becomes hard again on level 8. Level 9 is only tough if you insist on destroying every demon. Remember, this level is built so that you will never become trapped. Every room that has an entrance, has an exit! (Note: as a challenge, I mean without using cheat codes!)

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Yeah, nah. Unvandalised pure Doom and this might have scraped in with 3 stars. But no... insult has been added with awful graphics mods and gratingly annoying custom sounds. Why do people do this? I played with probably more than a 100 gameplay mods and could count on one hand those that were good enough to justify their existence. The rest are like nails on a blackboard as far as enjoyable play value goes. This gets an overly generous 2* (and only because there were no crashes or lockups).

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Unknown date

I already played Castle Phobos v5.0 for Doom II, converted by DragonRook 2 months after this first version, and I'm glad to find this one now. Thank you! 5 stars - Jive

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Unknown date

Eh, this is okay at best. Some of the new monster graphics are broken (the new sargent graphics have no death sequence), and the levels themselves could have used a lot more custom textures to improve upon the castle style. 3 stars.

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  • File Reviews

    • By chlef · Posted
      Not the prettiest maps, but very nice to play. Old school goodness.  
    • By chlef · Posted
      Yeah, this is what Doom is supposed to be. Basic and enjoyable, no gimmicks or stupid sound/graphic mods. Just pure Doom. This is a keeper.
    • By Never_Again · Posted
      Another day, another stolen map.   E2M1 of IMMLEV is a ripoff of ARENA, a tutorial WAD David Bruni designed and wrote detailed tutorials for in the 3D Alchemy book. Walbert's edit of it was so incompetent that four times out of five it will crash vanilla seconds into the level with a "P_CrossSubsector" error. Crispy and prboom-plus crash every time.   Oddly enough, Choco loads the map without complaints but you get stuck early on due to the "author" apparently using a paper bag over the head as a map-editing tool.   The second map is largely a barebones crate maze. A secret door next to the first key leads to an unmarked exit that dumps you on the stock secret level. Too bad, as the third level finally shows a glimpse of promise, albeit somewhat marred by HOM and mislabeled key doors. This, too, is apt to an abrupt end with another unmarked exit switch.
    • By MuratMikal · Posted
      The difficult of some maps (mainly after MAP 20) is rather extreme in UV if you aren't an experienced/very good player. For others I recommend playing in HMP or even HTNR if you don't want many frustating moments. Best maps = 04, 06, 07, 08, 11, 15, 32, 18, 20, 22, 28, 29 and 30. Bad Maps = 05, 31, 23, 25 and 26. All other maps are OK. Now, some considerations: MAP 24 is very good until the archvile spam, after that it's almost impossible to beat if you don't get the secret invulnerability sphere. MAP 26 is a gimmick map with a lot of archviles, I didn't enjoy the gameplay because if you shoot in some parts you die right away due to the sheer numbers of viles. MAP 29 at first seem very hard and frustating but its doable if played with persistance. The only bad thing about it is the mandatory archvile jump which I didn't aprove (if you play it you'll see what I'm talking about). UV maxing this MAP would be a nightmare since the red key area is very hard; I've yet to see anyone at youtube or twitch UV maxing this map without saves. As I think only 5 MAPS out of 32 are bad it deserves at least 4 stars.
    • By Triloguy · Posted
      Great. Best Wad ever.