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About This File

Alright, here is Byron, another fucked up name by someone who has insomnia to do this shit. Anyways, this was is somewhat unbalanced ( I tried balancing with the weapon bob to make it harder to aim the gun, if you start to get sick, stop playing and rest for a bit, then continue), so if you want to use the guns to the fullest potential, play it with a hard set of levels. I reccommend playing this on UV in either DV or Plutonia. And if your having problems trying to get it to work, search for ESL and look around, and while my mods still sucks a bit, it's at least better than CT-Dos and a hell of a lot better than crap mod. Alright, time for the guns:

Key 1: Yep, the boot from CT-dos is back, same click per kick too, alongside with a double edged chainsaw. The chainsaw is a little faster too.

Key 2: You got a basic pistol which is a little faster than the next key two weapon, and you even get a rifle to begin with! It shoots two bullets at a time, is better than the pistol powerwise, and it's got pin-point accuracy!

Key 3: You get the tri-barrel shotgun, which can kill a cyberdemon IN 6 SHOTS if your pretty close, but it has a big kick, wide spread, slower than the D2 SSG, you must click after each shot, and it takes 3 rounds per shot. The other gun is an auto shotgun called the sprayer striker, which is named after spray for helping me. It's basically less powerful than the tri-barrel, has more compact spread, and takes 1 sheel per shot with an adverage amout of kick.

Key 4: On this key, there is a MAC-11 and the Venis Limiter. The MAC 11, while very fast, has a pretty high kick and has a high spread, so use it in close quarters; these are dropped by adverage zombiemen. The Venis Limiter has an adverage speed, and a pumped up power, but has a bit of a high kick and it's two rounds per shot.

Key 5: I like to call this the stargate pack. There are three guns on this pack, the stargate, osiris, and anubis. The anubis is basically a weakend rocket launcher that is automatic with adverage kick (and it shoots fireballs!), the osiris is a super charged plasma shot. It's slow, has an unbeliveably large kick, a click per shot, and takes 20 rounds per blast, but it's power is so unbelivable. Finally the last gun is the Stargate, a sevearly weakend BFG that is fully auto, tracers and all. It makes up for it's power just by it's pure speed. But the kick is very high, and can even make you dizzy.

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Unknown date

Next time, don't put SO MUCH kick on your weapons, and try to have the weapons vary more in terms of function. And try for some cool weapon effects, EDGE is great for that kind of stuff.

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Unknown date

Ownage CT, Dont let those fucktards get you down at #1, you are really dumb, that probably means it hasnt been modded for kick back yet, get your info straight.

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  • File Reviews

    • By Chipchase · Posted
      Superb firework display of thousands of fireballs seeming in slow motion because of the vastness - mostly avoidable as they land where you were ages ago; but worth playing just to see it. A HUGE square surrounded by tiers with hundreds of imps and a few others, plus a blockhouse you can enter first to collect ammo.  Fighting through the hundreds of monsters when you get onto the tiers is another matter, overwhelming at UV. I cheated to finish so at least I could review.  Some HOM bugs.
    • By CountArchvile · Posted
      Terrence For fucks sake...
    • By Yura04kizel · Posted
      Laggy hell with 32k monsters and too much invulnerability spheres. Just... total vomit.
    • By Chipchase · Posted
      Insanity, with voodoo dolls (see second screenshot).  I get the idea of a shooting gallery if that rocks your boat, but 6000 monsters behind railings- as far as the eye can see, FFS! My PC crawled when I looked towards the invuln spheres (someone said 32 k of them and you can't avoid picking up thousands at a time). In the end I cheated with god mode and no-clipping, and waded in among the chaingunners until I got bored.  
    • By Chipchase · Posted
      Simple, clearly a first wad.  All on the flat with big, brightly lit, and architecturally implausible rooms. The first map has two rooms, the second map one, and the third map one plus a kind of exit lobby. You can do one of two things - just run past the monsters and finish (I did it in 35 seconds), or have a bit of fun killing the monsters first. No noticable bugs. I hope the author will go on (or went on) to greater things.