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About This File

Alright, here is Byron, another fucked up name by someone who has insomnia to do this shit. Anyways, this was is somewhat unbalanced ( I tried balancing with the weapon bob to make it harder to aim the gun, if you start to get sick, stop playing and rest for a bit, then continue), so if you want to use the guns to the fullest potential, play it with a hard set of levels. I reccommend playing this on UV in either DV or Plutonia. And if your having problems trying to get it to work, search for ESL and look around, and while my mods still sucks a bit, it's at least better than CT-Dos and a hell of a lot better than crap mod. Alright, time for the guns:

Key 1: Yep, the boot from CT-dos is back, same click per kick too, alongside with a double edged chainsaw. The chainsaw is a little faster too.

Key 2: You got a basic pistol which is a little faster than the next key two weapon, and you even get a rifle to begin with! It shoots two bullets at a time, is better than the pistol powerwise, and it's got pin-point accuracy!

Key 3: You get the tri-barrel shotgun, which can kill a cyberdemon IN 6 SHOTS if your pretty close, but it has a big kick, wide spread, slower than the D2 SSG, you must click after each shot, and it takes 3 rounds per shot. The other gun is an auto shotgun called the sprayer striker, which is named after spray for helping me. It's basically less powerful than the tri-barrel, has more compact spread, and takes 1 sheel per shot with an adverage amout of kick.

Key 4: On this key, there is a MAC-11 and the Venis Limiter. The MAC 11, while very fast, has a pretty high kick and has a high spread, so use it in close quarters; these are dropped by adverage zombiemen. The Venis Limiter has an adverage speed, and a pumped up power, but has a bit of a high kick and it's two rounds per shot.

Key 5: I like to call this the stargate pack. There are three guns on this pack, the stargate, osiris, and anubis. The anubis is basically a weakend rocket launcher that is automatic with adverage kick (and it shoots fireballs!), the osiris is a super charged plasma shot. It's slow, has an unbeliveably large kick, a click per shot, and takes 20 rounds per blast, but it's power is so unbelivable. Finally the last gun is the Stargate, a sevearly weakend BFG that is fully auto, tracers and all. It makes up for it's power just by it's pure speed. But the kick is very high, and can even make you dizzy.

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Unknown date

Next time, don't put SO MUCH kick on your weapons, and try to have the weapons vary more in terms of function. And try for some cool weapon effects, EDGE is great for that kind of stuff.

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Unknown date

Ownage CT, Dont let those fucktards get you down at #1, you are really dumb, that probably means it hasnt been modded for kick back yet, get your info straight.

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  • File Reviews

    • By P41R47 · Posted
      I struggle to replay this one for a long time. I didn't remember much of this so its was like a first time. Strain is a different beast to anything from the same time. It uses dehacked to great extents adding new enemies and changing the behaviour of some of the weapons.
      Well, first episode is pretty solid, with neat maps and really awesome ideas as the authors of the wad start to unfold their dehacked trickery all around. Second episode its not that good, with some cryptic maps with not so clear progression, but well overall.
      Third episode has some maps like the second, but they are a little more fleshed out and with a lot better visuals also. The end map was somewhat anticlimatic, but anyway, a really great experience through and through.

      Now what i don't liked much is that most ports have to use the Strain Fix to properly been able to play this mapset, and the authors of that fix, don't know why, changed the sky textures of the different episodes.
      Its nothing really bad, but well, it strange that they didn't respected the authors original choice.

      Dystopya 3 maps really stands out from the mapset, or maybe i remember them more as i have fresh memories from a recent replay.   The mood of the megawad is greatly achieved through the use of neat textures and map tricks. I really miss that there are no fake 3D bridges anywhere in the megawad, and i really love them when they are given good use.   The story of is somewhat mixed bag: theres a new invasion, you are the only marine that survived to the Invasion of earth, and they government made some experiments with you. Now you are a bloodthirsty machine that only wants the destruction of the invaders.
      The text screens during game are strange, with a snarky humor and poking fun of some common tropes. Not bad, but i would prefer something more serious as the megawad has really cool details everywhere, like revisiting zones and fully developed reactor areas, etc. making the storytelling side of the maps really awesome to follow. But again, some maps has poor progression hindering the experience a little.   Anyway, this is something that needs to be played and replayed, just to see those dehacked tricks and for theose awesome good maps. I had better memories of this than what i actually play, so i was expecting something more and better, but thats my problem, the megawad is amazing as it is.
    • By vdgg · Posted
      This mapper did create good stuff, pazuzu, diabolos and odyssey. This is way, way below these WADs. I am the first reviewer to mention massive (but massive) HOMs on MAP10! 2 stars for: - awesome grey blocks area in motion in the middle of MAP08 - some occasional decent moments, I guess MAP03 is fine, MAP04 is okayish. - visually it is not bad for 1996. But come on. One motif is: "press switch A to lower a lift, press switch B that opens a door somewhere far, but press it a bit later, just to get in time to the lift, not too early as the door will shut". After that door you often have a wall of monsters, so sometimes you retreat and repeat. This motif is used over and over and over again. You also experience cramped mazy hallways quite a lot and lots of damaging floors. Some of these damaging floors are used for extra spice during combat, but most of them are there to make you think faster about the puzzle solution :) It is not easy for me to pick the worst map, MAP05, 07 and 09 set the bar quite high. And it is me who is writing this, I enjoy cleim20, odessas, some cryptic stuff, but I just can't stand >80% of this creation.
    • By chlef · Posted
      Not the prettiest maps, but very nice to play. Old school goodness.  
    • By chlef · Posted
      Yeah, this is what Doom is supposed to be. Basic and enjoyable, no gimmicks or stupid sound/graphic mods. Just pure Doom. This is a keeper.
    • By Never_Again · Posted
      Another day, another stolen map.   E2M1 of IMMLEV is a ripoff of ARENA, a tutorial WAD David Bruni designed and wrote detailed tutorials for in the 3D Alchemy book. Walbert's edit of it was so incompetent that four times out of five it will crash vanilla seconds into the level with a "P_CrossSubsector" error. Crispy and prboom-plus crash every time.   Oddly enough, Choco loads the map without complaints but you get stuck early on due to the "author" apparently using a paper bag over the head as a map-editing tool.   The second map is largely a barebones crate maze. A secret door next to the first key leads to an unmarked exit that dumps you on the stock secret level. Too bad, as the third level finally shows a glimpse of promise, albeit somewhat marred by HOM and mislabeled key doors. This, too, is apt to an abrupt end with another unmarked exit switch.