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    • By Solmyr · Posted
      I tought it would become boring and repetitive after the first few 10 levels,but it suvberted my expectations, it remains clever and entertaining all the way down, i also enjoyed the trolley puns.
    • By Solmyr · Posted
      I shit better wads than this.
    • By Yura04kizel · Posted
      shittiest wad ever that looks like made by 6 year old
    • By Stale Meat · Posted
      Eternity is a great example of a sequel that is better in virtually all regards to its predecessor. The maps are more polished and detailed. Their layouts are also more refined, with interesting level themes and architecture that keep each map unique and memorable. Most importantly, the difficulty is harder with more enemies and deadlier traps.   This rise in difficulty is most noticeable in the first few levels. Similar to the beginning levels of Thy Flesh Consumed, you will need to take great care of an abundance of enemies with dwindling supplies. While it does ease off later on, difficulty all around is still a decent bit higher than Serenity, so if you had any trouble playing Serenity you may want to tone down the difficulty level. You can get most of your arsenal earlier on compared to Serenity, so long as you pay attention for secrets. Keeping your eyes open and paying attention to your surroundings is also more important than ever for Eternity, and not just for fighting the enemies and avoiding the map hazards. Several otherwise inconspicuous lifts will be denoted by the presence of white bars along the wall. Sometimes this leads to secrets, other times it is the way forward. Several times you may also be put into fights where you have to deal with both monsters and the map working against you simultaneously. You will have to act fast and choose your targets wisely if you want to make it out of each fight alive.   There isn't much more to say about Eternity that hasn't already been said about Serenity. It took a bit longer to beat and it is certainly harder, but the levels are still simple but pleasant to look at and have an intense and clever gameplay focus. If you liked Serenity you are almost definitely going to love Eternity.