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About This File

Just a quick note to go with these four wads--I think that everything is ready to go--no bugs or unintentional traps. Thanks to the folks that helped play test these (some are still waiting to be tried in co-op and/or deathmatch mode)and to my wife, Carolyn who designed and developed some parts of these. If you enjoy these, drop me a note. These sorts of things take a bunch of time to work out and encouragement is helpful. I'm going to do a few more wads that I won't upload to the general public and (depending on response) maybe I'll just shoot them to who ever is interested. Of course, this costs bucks--hmmm, I'll have to work out something. On the books now: Jewel.wad and Reactor.wad. Thanks for downloading this! Kurt Schulenburg 76360,3125

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Unknown date

4 maps. FRED: Fun, violent, a little ugly though. Large arena with tons of monsters is the highlight. JSTUFF10: Wonderful, intricate design. Good looking, nice fights, ingenious secrets. SPIRAL: Very violent, complicated design, confusing but good nonetheless. WALLS: Least impressive, intricate design, but progression is really wierd and requires finding lots of secrets. Also much easier than the others. A strange helpless Cyberdemon at the end. Overall: Grades 3,5,4,2 gives a rounded average of --4/5

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Unknown date

I think Fred was my very first level in Doom, put together in 1993, hence the ugliness of it! (I got better...)(Man! 15 years ago!) JStuff10 is acutally the 10th version of a wad that took forever to design and playtest. Spiral was a lot of fun to make, the spiral design really took a lot of doing to the textures correct. Walls was one of those that probably had too much thought given to the design - and not enough to the playability. It still works. Kurt Schulenburg, 2008

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  • File Reviews

    • By tempdecal.wad · Posted
      It's bad because it's hard.
    • By StevenC21 · Posted
      Umm... this isnt Doom 64? Or even remotely related to it?   In addition, its a shitty wad. You are expected to fight 2 arch-viles with a pistol, and then a cyberdemon witha  chaingun in an enclosed space.
    • By Nems · Posted
      Should have been called "Doom 64 for Boom".   I really wanted to like this more. I mean, I do like it but I feel like the gripes I have regarding it just bring my overall rating for it down too much.   It was interesting to see how, at first, the authors recreated the Doom 64 levels in Doom 2 with just vanilla assets. You can still see some of that in the Boom levels like how revenants and arch-viles are used in place of where traps where. That was an interesting touch and I liked that.   As I got further into it though and more of the Boom tricks were used my thoughts wandered from "hey this is a nice vanilla interpretation" to "man I could be playing Doom 64 EX or Doom 64 Retribution". I really wish they would have stuck with vanilla constraints for this reinterpretation. I would have liked to see how they would have handed nightmare monster placement (would a nightmare imp be worth two imps or three, for example). I feel like using Boom and DeHacked cheapened the experience, like they were trying to replicate Doom 64 as close as possible rather than doing a vanilla Doom (2) interpretation.   Additionally, map 30 can fuck right the hell off with that puzzle bullshit.   Anyway, if you don't mind any of the complaints I made, you'll likely have fun with this. I got some fun out of this as well but to me it feels like it's trying to be exactly like Doom 64 rather than simply a vanilla Doom 2 interpretation of Doom 64. In trying to be exactly like Doom 64, it just makes me want to play that more than this.
    • By Marlamir · Posted
      Pretty good. The combat was fun and design wasn't bad at all.
    • By Meril · Posted
      Despite its age, nice details and well designed. Way how blue key is hidden is really clever. But map is dark and cramped. Enemies are only imps and hitscanners.