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About This File

Story so far:

You have just completed the last mission of episode 1 and killed the Barons of Hell. You make your way out of the bloody battle field to a locked central control center. After running a sercurity bypass you find a surplus of food and medical supplies. While sowing two of your fingers back on, you here a general distress call (G.D.C.) alarm from a con panel. You track its location to a small wharehouse 3 kilometers southwest of of your position. The transmittion is weak and broken up but you make out what it says... "MAYDAY...MAYDAY...MAYDAY...MARS MARINES DELTA SQUAD*&^%^ IN SECTO#$%#$( ... REQUEST EMERG*&^^*$@ AND RESCUE! OVER!" Thank God! You're not alone! Quickly you put on a headset and reply finding out there status and get a update on the aliens. It seems that they are planning another big party and the wharehouse is being setup as another gateway to their world! They have just started so they are not as dugin as others. These marines were captured to be sacrificed to the Lords of the under world for forgiveness for failing their mission ... oh yea and being kicked in the ass by you!!! You learn that only a hand full of troops are left and time is of the essence. You must find you buddies before you and your johnson are the only to normal people left on the planet! You send a planetary distress call and warning message to aproach planet with caution... You pick up what amo you have left and start again but this time with a glimer of hope.


I made this game to introduct a new way of thinking about mutliplayer games. They should not just start together but have that 'Rambo III' fill so that you just aren't clearing levels together but achieving an interactive goal that is set before you. This game is designed for four players... tried with two... seems to work!

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Unknown date

This is dated September 1994. From the readme I think it was supposed to be a two-player cooperative level. The gameplay involves easily slaughtering 102 mostly weak monsters in a series of undetailed squarish rooms. The final battle is actually decent (if you do it Tyson-style with the berzerk pack), but in general you have far too much ammo and too many power-ups, and the baddies tend not to notice you unless you hit them first.

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  • File Reviews

    • By MuratMikal · Posted
      An enjoyable set of maps of easy difficulty (MAP 07 is medium) in UV with simple design that worked well for me. Finished the whole set in 02:40 min. Certainly worth a shot!
    • By chlef · Posted
      I rarely quit a wad in disgust, but this one did it. It was pushing a 5 star experience, but then the slaughter stupid started ~map19 and only got worse. It's not clever, not amusing and absolutely not entertaining. It ruined an otherwise good wad and left a very sour taste. Why do mappers do this? Played on HNTR and it really was that bad.
    • By P41R47 · Posted
      I have a real blast while playing this megawad. Think that Quake is not brown enough? You will get the ultimate browness here. I think that, beside the simplistic ugliness of it, it gives a good cohesive look to all the maps. And this one are really big and fun to explore. The ideas of cities, fortresses, islands, canyons and caves, and finaly tech base on moon, are really neat and some looks really good. The story of the wad is pretty good, too. I love the liberties that the author takes while doing this mapset. As i played a lot and i found this kind of ideas in a few wads along the way.
      What i didn't like it much, is that there wasn't other skies than the episode one sky from Doom 2. Again, i think it is that way for a cohesive storytelling, but anyway, it would be cool to feel the sense of time in the maps with different skies and shadows deploying in differents ways along the maps.

      This could be the Eternal Doom of doom stock textures, but the linearity of the maps, aside from the somewhat empty but interesting areas to explore, departs slighty from the formula, and there are not soo much details as one might expect from a mapset like this. Don't get fooled by that, even with the somewhat Heretic-like linearity, the maps are fun, gorgeous in its brownway and pretty challenging.
        I recommend this megawad to anyone that likes to explore and have a challenge in the vein of the best of team TNT mapsets.
    • By DharmaForOne · Posted
      I liked it better than Claptrapino. Maybe because I'm a novice level maker too. Obviously it's the work of a newbie, but I absolutely understand how it might have taken 10+ hours. I think I've spent at least that long and haven't even completed any levels yet.   I actually thought it was an interesting basic concept to start in the middle of a maze, with areas you've previously cleared not guaranteed to be safe anymore with the portals and spawns. I died twice in my attempts and finished the third time. When I realized that staying in place, conserving resources and clearing wasn't working I took the invulnerability and just ran through the halls spraying high damage weapons.   The level did seem unfinished though. What are the keys for? Are there secrets in the level that contain locked doors?    
    • By aargh · Posted
      Yes, this is a legendary megawad. Yes, there is a lot of positives to say about it.
      But I can't ignore the button madness present in many levels. In the second half of the games this gets utterly insane - you WILL spend most of the time bashing and shooting every inch of every wall to find yet another hidden switch to be able to progress. Many switches open hidden doors in an unrelated location on the other side of the level without even telling you. Some levels have switches completely invisible and one of them even hides switches in random decoration sprites like trees. I'm sorry but this was no fun and in the end it ruined the entire megawad for me.