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About This File

Overview: The pace of action in The Pentadrome is best suited for cooperative play, but once the monsters are thinned down, it's a fabulous place for a deathmatch. With few dead ends and lots of twists and secrets, The Pentadrome keeps you on the edge of your mouse pad (and your sanity!)

The objective is to explore the three major regions of the Pentadrome, which requires the player to locate 3 key cards, and then make it to the exit lift alive.

If you make it to the exit lift and still have a load of energy... find the secret button chamber (it'll be close by) that activates the showdown phase of The Pentadrome. If you have the stomach for the finale, be prepared to re-explore your immediate surroundings and take advantage of secret passages. If you look close, you'll always find them.

The finale comes in two phases. The second phase of the finale requires some creativity in getting up to the room that triggers the final showdown. When you find some new buttons durring the end-game, try pushing them and returning to the main arena to see the results.

Good luck!

Give-Aways: The endgame is tough, but there is more than enough ammo around. You have to find it, though. Try the silver wall at the top of the exit lift!

Once you find the exit room (Southern tip of the main arena), you can take the lift to the exit or push on the West wall, which reveals a secret room. There you'll find a BFG and a button that triggers the first round of the showdown. A new chamber and tunnel also opens up.

The buttons that you find durring the end game (in the new tunnel) allow you to change the topography of the main arena in the Pentadrome. This can be useful when being chased by Cybedemons. Each "arm" of the main arena is split into four definned surfaces: 1) The main floor 2) Inner Column 3) Mid Fang 4) Outer Fang The Mid and Outer Fangs are arranged symetrically, like concentric triangles. The Inner Columns are in the middle of each Mid Fang. All of this is part of the main floor when the game begins. The middle button (of three) raises the Inner Columns to the ceiling. The other two buttons raise the Mid and Outer Fangs in incements of 16 and 32. The two buttons directly behind the outer buttons lower the corresponding Fangs to the floor. This can also be done with the two levers located in the balcony overlooking the main floor of the arena, which are visible at the start of the game.

To trigger the final phase of the finale, you have to raise the Fangs high enough into the air so that you can leap from the arena balcony onto the Outer Fang and then jump over to secret room that the Cacodemons came from. There you'll see a door and a button that starts the second round, which will also open up a new tunnel.

Happy Hunting!

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Unknown date

An interesting map with a clever use of height-changing floors--this is one heck of a 1994 WAD. 4 stars, would love to see a remake.

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Unknown date

It's OK.

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Unknown date

it's a fascinating level when you're trying to decipher all the secrets. but on the survival front there's nothing to worry about - there's enough ammo to defeat the standing army of Earth strewn about the floor and the few high-pressure encounters occur within easy access of an invulnerability sphere. still, it's got nice, bright geometric ideas and a certain playfulness

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Unknown date

The wad file is dated 08/14/94, and that is clearly correct given the map layout, visuals, puzzles, gameplay (POC @ UV) & bugs. In those 1994 days it presumably would be fairly exciting, but in 2014 we've seen this kind of wads with all it's flaws thousands of times before. So if you're in a quite nostalgic mood or like to see what went all wrong during those days, give it a try, else it's a WOT. Overall rated according to 2014 standards: 1/5. BTW NOFI.

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  • File Reviews

    • By StevenC21 · Posted
      Umm... this isnt Doom 64? Or even remotely related to it?   In addition, its a shitty wad. You are expected to fight 2 arch-viles with a pistol, and then a cyberdemon witha  chaingun in an enclosed space.
    • By Nems · Posted
      Should have been called "Doom 64 for Boom".   I really wanted to like this more. I mean, I do like it but I feel like the gripes I have regarding it just bring my overall rating for it down too much.   It was interesting to see how, at first, the authors recreated the Doom 64 levels in Doom 2 with just vanilla assets. You can still see some of that in the Boom levels like how revenants and arch-viles are used in place of where traps where. That was an interesting touch and I liked that.   As I got further into it though and more of the Boom tricks were used my thoughts wandered from "hey this is a nice vanilla interpretation" to "man I could be playing Doom 64 EX or Doom 64 Retribution". I really wish they would have stuck with vanilla constraints for this reinterpretation. I would have liked to see how they would have handed nightmare monster placement (would a nightmare imp be worth two imps or three, for example). I feel like using Boom and DeHacked cheapened the experience, like they were trying to replicate Doom 64 as close as possible rather than doing a vanilla Doom (2) interpretation.   Additionally, map 30 can fuck right the hell off with that puzzle bullshit.   Anyway, if you don't mind any of the complaints I made, you'll likely have fun with this. I got some fun out of this as well but to me it feels like it's trying to be exactly like Doom 64 rather than simply a vanilla Doom 2 interpretation of Doom 64. In trying to be exactly like Doom 64, it just makes me want to play that more than this.
    • By Marlamir · Posted
      Pretty good. The combat was fun and design wasn't bad at all.
    • By Meril · Posted
      Despite its age, nice details and well designed. Way how blue key is hidden is really clever. But map is dark and cramped. Enemies are only imps and hitscanners.
    • By Dovahxul · Posted
      the more I play the more I get more sad that this map pack is going to end soon its really great :)