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Run N'Gun

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About This File

Try to survive with your basic pistol? This is a VERY BASIC level. This is my first attempt at using a Doom Editor. The purpose was to familiarize myself with the very basic features of the editor. So, don't look for any elevators, lifts, or stairs. However, after a liberal sprinkling of a few "friends", who can't or won't provide me with nothing more than bullets, the level was enjoyable while testing the basic features of the editor. All weapons (except for the chainsaw) are here. Sufficient ammunition for all is likewise present. However, not too much in the way of medical assistance. That's why the name "Run N' Gun" was chosen. Because this is a complete learning process, I'll appreciate all comments.

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Awful in the least entertaining way possible.

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Unknown date

What you'd expect from a map which is the author's "first attempt at using a Doom Editor" back in '94. right-angled, bare halls, secrets which are impossible to find outside of pushing every wall in the map (and which contain all weapons), and an abundance of ammo and powerups for not-so-strong resistance. Some hidden doors to secret areas require keys(!). Not buggy or intolerable, but not at all enjoyable either, of course. --1/5

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Unknown date

Boring as hell. 0 stars

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