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Star Trek - Doom Invasion

   (7 reviews)
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About This File

Stardate 46154.2

Captain Picard recording:

The Enterprise (NCC-1701-D) has been attacked by aliens from a group called the Underworld Alliance. They surrounded the ship with a nebula-like energy cloud rendering our phasers and photons useless. A boarding party came aboard next. After a fierce firefight, the crew has been forced to abandon ship. We managed to shutdown the warp core prior to leaving the ship, however, I must accept responsibility for not initiating the self-destruct sequence before the Aliens gained control of the Engineering and Bridge sections. The ship is adrift in the Velera system.

Just before Lt. Commander Data departed the ship, he reported the aliens had begun to modify the ship, converting it to what he theorized was more like their homeworld. This was mainly in the lower decks and engineering compartments.

Starfleet has authorized the use of "whatever means necessary" to remove the aliens from the ship and regain control. A new group of elite Starfleet Commandos (THAT'S YOU) has just arrived and are going to attempt to retake the ship. If they are unble to, we will be forced to destroy the Enterprise.

Sensor analysis indicates the aliens are not vulnerable to phaser fire, but that they can be killed by more crude means, namely projectile weapons, rockets, and phased plasma energy patterned after the Ghym'Hadar. Due to the shielding placed by the aliens, transporting will be difficult. Chief O'Brien, just arrived from Deep Space Nine, states that inanimate objects may rematerialize in various parts of the ship. So, even if the Commandos are fully loaded, they may have to hunt for their weaponry once aboard the Enterprise.

The Commandos have one hour to retake the ship before I must order its destruction. Repeated efforts at communication haved failed and Counselor Troi has sensed only "pure evil" from the ship.

Good luck! And remember the clock is ticking!

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Unknown date

Horrible map. Star Trek deserves something better. 2/5

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Unknown date

It is like Star Trek in two thing, the name and the sound. Poor 2/5

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  • File Reviews

    • By Yura04kizel · Posted
      Laggy hell with 32k monsters and too much invulnerability spheres. Just... total vomit.
    • By Chipchase · Posted
      Insanity, with voodoo dolls (see second screenshot).  I get the idea of a shooting gallery if that rocks your boat, but 6000 monsters behind railings- as far as the eye can see, FFS! My PC crawled when I looked towards the invuln spheres (someone said 32 k of them and you can't avoid picking up thousands at a time). In the end I cheated with god mode and no-clipping, and waded in among the chaingunners until I got bored.  
    • By Chipchase · Posted
      Simple, clearly a first wad.  All on the flat with big, brightly lit, and architecturally implausible rooms. The first map has two rooms, the second map one, and the third map one plus a kind of exit lobby. You can do one of two things - just run past the monsters and finish (I did it in 35 seconds), or have a bit of fun killing the monsters first. No noticable bugs. I hope the author will go on (or went on) to greater things.