rmh19.wad (revised demos for Doom 1.9)

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Ryan Hare

About This File

These wads are designed to be primarily for Deathmatch play, but the author intended for them to be still useful and enjoyable for play by individuals (or even cooperative mode). The designs are most conducive towards exciting Deathmatches, and all levels are relatively compact, but they are set up in such a way so that the other modes of play are still fun and fast-moving.


New levels from scratch

Build Time

For all these wads? A lot!

Editors Used

DEU 5.21 and BSP 1.2x (mostly), DoomEd the Real Thing 2.6b4


These levels were made for Doom version 1.666. On earlier versions there may be "hall-of -mirrors" effects that are a result of a maximum number of line-defs deficiency that existed in the earlier versions and which was improved in version 1.666. Not all the levels will have this problem, if it occurs. Players with Doom 1.666 should have no trouble.

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  • 3
Only 3stars, because of shotgunners shooting throu stone wall, and keys in secrets area. Good design, some really good fights and traps.

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  • 4
A good episode of compact maps that has been overlooked because of its placement in /deathmatch. The largely open, nonlinear design and adroit monster placement make for interesting play in solo mode. It has its violent moments, and while monster counts are all around 50 the fights are sometimes intense as you are attacked from multiple directions. The texturing is excellent for its time. E1M5 and esp. E1M7 are the standout levels.

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  • File Reviews

    • By lupinx-Kassman · Posted
      An old partial conversion that uses dehacked for some nifty effects. You can leave shotgunners in a sorta slumped state, watch a building get demolished, and use a mancubus's arm as a weapon among other things. Goof++; Tickles my soft spot.
    • By Meril · Posted
      Some missing textures, weird maze. Not sure if author tried to make multilevel illusion or not but anyway he screw up. 2.5/5*
    • By Meril · Posted
      Map is made correct, but short, bland, plain, nothing more than some rooms filled with monsters opened one after another.
    • By Meril · Posted
      Impressive features for 95 wad, but it is made by good engineer but no artist. Ladders, map with indicators which switch left to find, great concepts. But ladders are glitchy (in GZDoom) player and monsters sometimes getting stuck in floor. It's a shame that gameplay is bad. Starts in the room filled with mostly hitscanners (infighting gets almost 40 of them), vaults filled with ammo. Visuals: 2/5 Gameplay: 2/5 Cool stuffs: 4/5
    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      Funny short map, I remember to have played already this map quite long time but I don't remember where... Anyway I like the new music.