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About This File

Wads of the Damned are puzzling, death-monger wads that will push your true DOOMing abilities. The part-one wads load in as levels 1,2 & 3 respectively. If you are a thinking player, you will not need to resort to cheat codes to survive. All the DAMNED wads contain 4 DEATHMATCH starts and player 1-4 starts. Each wad has been thoroughly tested for both single and modem play (special thanks to Marty Ray for help with the modem play). The wads are also desgined to be played in sync, meaning, if you jump to #3 without retriving the weapons of #1 & #2, you will not survive.

DAMNED01 is the heaviest on puzzle. Failure to throw switches in a precise order will result in death and frustration. The wad should be taken with caution. "Rambo" style playing will unleash too many monsters at the same time. The wad is based loosely on the bottom left corner of an old map I have for the original ZORK (i.e. the chasm, the bank and the volcano).

DAMNED02 is linear for the single player, but has plenty of loops and hiding places for DEATHMATCH. Of the three, this one is my favorite. Monsters may seem heavy, but they are actually easy if you are calculating and methodical. In single player mode, you are always pointed in the right direction to complete the wad.

In DAMNED03, I decided to let loose. I had a fun house in mind when I put it together. Animated walls, light tubes and an exit room from hell will splatter your blood several times before you get this one right. It plays well in both single and modem play, but the order you find the keys in affects your survivability significantly in single play.

If you need any hints or have comments, don't hesitate to drop me a line!

Sean 73042,3405


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Summer Deep

· Edited by Summer Deep


This has its faults, but I'd rate it as pretty much a 'hidden gem' amongst obscure early Doom 2 wads.

The first map is slated in one of these reviews as irretrievably old-fashioned, but so what? Progression requires some hard thinking early on, then there's some tough combat in the second phase (those hidden chaingunners behind the wall can be lethal).

Second map is more straightforward and good fun, though the decision to include a concealed exit might test your patience a little. Also I'd like to have seen the Revenants free to roam, rather than being penned into cages.

The final level is imaginative and memorable, but is perhaps a bit too clever for its own good. The area with the Spider Mastermind and the Mancubus can be buggy, and the yellow key area seems a bit redundant, though it does contain a secret (and more chaingunners behind false walls).

The maps are meant to be played continuously with weapon carryovers. They date from the mid 1990s and are packaged as individual wad files, just as they were on the 1995 DZone Gold CD. Not sure how they are or were supposed to be run, but I loaded them sequentially in the excellent Rocket Launcher, and that worked fine. Presumably the same could be done in ZDL. 

An excellent effort for 1994. I'd give it 4+ out of 5.

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Unknown date

UV en 7 vies - Eye's

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Unknown date

I had a hard time believing that these are really that old. Designs that make sense and use Doom's features effectively are quite rare among the 94' wads. 4/5 - Belial

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Unknown date

Three maps dated December 1994, saved as separate files, although e.g. DAMNED02 is Map02. DAMNED01 is awful, a switch puzzle with memory-based gameplay that belongs in a bygone decade. DAMNED02 is better, a dungeon with gameplay, but it's still very puzzly and fiddly. The design looks better than typical 1994 maps, e.g. it looks like something from 1995. DAMNED03 is better still, a solid level for the period with a flow, although its very average today.

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Unknown date

I liked it

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  • File Reviews

    • By MuratMikal · Posted
      An enjoyable set of maps of easy difficulty (MAP 07 is medium) in UV with simple design that worked well for me. Finished the whole set in 02:40 min. Certainly worth a shot!
    • By chlef · Posted
      I rarely quit a wad in disgust, but this one did it. It was pushing a 5 star experience, but then the slaughter stupid started ~map19 and only got worse. It's not clever, not amusing and absolutely not entertaining. It ruined an otherwise good wad and left a very sour taste. Why do mappers do this? Played on HNTR and it really was that bad.
    • By P41R47 · Posted
      I have a real blast while playing this megawad. Think that Quake is not brown enough? You will get the ultimate browness here. I think that, beside the simplistic ugliness of it, it gives a good cohesive look to all the maps. And this one are really big and fun to explore. The ideas of cities, fortresses, islands, canyons and caves, and finaly tech base on moon, are really neat and some looks really good. The story of the wad is pretty good, too. I love the liberties that the author takes while doing this mapset. As i played a lot and i found this kind of ideas in a few wads along the way.
      What i didn't like it much, is that there wasn't other skies than the episode one sky from Doom 2. Again, i think it is that way for a cohesive storytelling, but anyway, it would be cool to feel the sense of time in the maps with different skies and shadows deploying in differents ways along the maps.

      This could be the Eternal Doom of doom stock textures, but the linearity of the maps, aside from the somewhat empty but interesting areas to explore, departs slighty from the formula, and there are not soo much details as one might expect from a mapset like this. Don't get fooled by that, even with the somewhat Heretic-like linearity, the maps are fun, gorgeous in its brownway and pretty challenging.
        I recommend this megawad to anyone that likes to explore and have a challenge in the vein of the best of team TNT mapsets.
    • By DharmaForOne · Posted
      I liked it better than Claptrapino. Maybe because I'm a novice level maker too. Obviously it's the work of a newbie, but I absolutely understand how it might have taken 10+ hours. I think I've spent at least that long and haven't even completed any levels yet.   I actually thought it was an interesting basic concept to start in the middle of a maze, with areas you've previously cleared not guaranteed to be safe anymore with the portals and spawns. I died twice in my attempts and finished the third time. When I realized that staying in place, conserving resources and clearing wasn't working I took the invulnerability and just ran through the halls spraying high damage weapons.   The level did seem unfinished though. What are the keys for? Are there secrets in the level that contain locked doors?    
    • By aargh · Posted
      Yes, this is a legendary megawad. Yes, there is a lot of positives to say about it.
      But I can't ignore the button madness present in many levels. In the second half of the games this gets utterly insane - you WILL spend most of the time bashing and shooting every inch of every wall to find yet another hidden switch to be able to progress. Many switches open hidden doors in an unrelated location on the other side of the level without even telling you. Some levels have switches completely invisible and one of them even hides switches in random decoration sprites like trees. I'm sorry but this was no fun and in the end it ruined the entire megawad for me.