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  • File Reviews

    • By chlef · Posted
      No, this is not a 5 star wad, not by a longshot. It is an acceptable time killer though and it's also marred by some teleporter confusion. It's small and the cyberdemon is pretty easy to get rid of, so as name suggests, don't panic.
    • By NoXion · Posted
      Some decent gameplay ideas here. The idea of the level itself being an enemy is perhaps most exemplified by the room with the large crusher taking up the most of the middle. In each corner that room is a lantern, and these are solid objects that you have to negotiate while passing through this room, as they force you to move into the zone of the crusher. Early on I got a little careless and was crushed to death. From that point I took the map a little more cautiously.

      The experience of the level is marred somewhat by the back-and-forth travelling one has to do to complete it. I get that the point was to keep the player running through the gauntlet of the traps, but some bits of it were tedious in a way that I don't think the author intended. The doors are poorly marked; the yellow key door is just a carved face. Some areas are needlessly cramped, the starting area especially. This isn't to say that there aren't any areas in this level where cramped surroundings do work; there's a room that's full of imps past one of the teleporters that's a fun little skirmish, although you have to be very good at dodging. And I noticed an error in one of the traps:

      But overall I had fun. 
    • By chlef · Posted
      Yeah, doesn't merit a 5, but it is a very good small map.
    • By chlef · Posted
      Dull, ordinary, dull, plain and dull. Barely acceptable as a time killer when you are desperate. The only impression the mapper leaves you with is laziness. A little more effort and this could have been OK.
    • By P1e0r0c0y · Posted
      9.5/10. My Favourite Ultimate Doom Megawad for sure. Awesome levels, secrets and great monster placement.    Heres my video review-