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About This File

My brothers and I were DOOM addicts, but when we finally found a usable PWAD editor, we were reborn as DOOM junkies. Thus, we humbly offer these PWAD files to all other DOOM junkies or addicts.

All of the PWAD files enclosed in this package are described below:

FILE NAME LEVEL NOTES ------------ ----- ---------- IB2TUF4U.WAD E1M1 Great for single or multi- player modes. Lots of secret rooms, but not to hard. Created by Ror. ib2t_zen.wad Above level with rebuild REJECT.

UBSCRWD.WAD E1M1 Great Level, but nominated as most likely to piss you off! (Single or Multi are OK) Created by Jim. ubsc_zen.wad Above level with rebuild REJECT.

LOOKOUT.WAD E1M1 Psycho nut-case level made by my little brother. We recommend God Mode if you know the code for it. (Single only) Created by Chris. look_zen.wad Above level with rebuild REJECT.

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Good levels, of which IB2TUF4U is the best-looking and UBSCRWD the most fun. With a little texture work these could be very good. LOOKOUT is not that bad considering it was designed by a seven-year old.

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Unknown date

IB2TUF4U: Surprisingly not horrible. Dreadful errors (one crashed doom.exe), but ZDoom handles it fine. UBSCRWD: Tougher, more fun, and more stable than IB2TUF, but much uglier. LOOKOUT: A huge, boring, ugly maze of rectangular rooms. Avoid. Overall: Might've gotten a 2, but LOOKOUT brings it down. 1/5 -VV

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  • File Reviews

    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      Nice mini episode, reminds me of some sort of amateurish Plutonia Experiment sometimes. Pretty enjoyable!
    • By Summer Deep · Posted
      A very decent challenge. Took me about half a dozen attempts to crack it on UV. The wad is from 2015, but could just as well have been from around 1997. Solid, traditional classic Dooming.
    • By riderr3 · Posted
      The visual level design here is mostly similar to Plutonia and its unofficial sequels PL2 and PRCP. But it is by no means a gameplay part, since for example the gameplay in the first maps revolves around ammo shortage with not so much opposition (although it was tight in places, I admit), while the latter maps are somewhat reminiscent of slaughterwads with a bunch of ammunition and opponents.   The same applies to the size of the maps - the first ones can be completed in 6-7 minutes, while the last ones takes 15-20 minutes to complete. Although this could be explained by a kind of progress, despite the fact that even MAP12 (the first map in wad) is not a walk in the park.   I am not opposed to forced pistol-start (maybe even for), but usually if the levels should be completed in this way, they should be better balanced, as the ability to store things from previous levels is discarded.
      And again, I repeat as previous speakers - perhaps some arch-viles were even superfluous. This is especially noticeable when you go through the same room several times.
    • By Spectre01 · Posted
      Mostly enjoyable set in vein of "Plutonia but harder" and with larger fights. Visuals are often minimalistic, with combat being the focus of making the maps interesting. Expect plenty of Viles to resurrect what you kill and forced pistol starts on every map. 3/5
    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      Pretty nice map, some parts are been a little rushed out like the columns texture alignment, but overall the structure and the layout is pretty cool!