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The Kult v1.1

   (5 reviews)
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About This File

/Play Info This wad is intended for single play!

You find yourself trapped in a death cult's place of worship. The only way out is through the sanctuary, and the big demon they worsip just happenes to be guarding the only exit...

This level is mostly designed to 'Look Good'. I got sick of seeing kill fest, deathmatch only, hacked together levels that look like crap. (Not saying ALL are like that, just 90% :) )

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4.5/5 becouse of some texture alligment issues. Overall small, good for early '95.

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Unknown date

Minimalistic approach in design but successful. It looks like a sinister cult place. The only 16 monsters augment the atmosphere. It's a small non-linear level. The battle in the end is interesting (if you choose so. You can easy run pass him and hit the switch as said above). There's enough ammo to kill him and with a megasphere, megahealth and armor and invulnerability at your disposal it sound easier then it turns out to be. coldfusio

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Unknown date

prity avrige, a few parts looked good but the ciberdeamon at the end was nearly imposible to kill because of lack of ammo it is mutch easer to just run pased him and hit the exit switch 3/5

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  • File Reviews

    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      Is a charming little blue map, i like it!
    • By Zalewa · Posted
      Totally playable and good looking even today. Be wary that there are time-based switch puzzles here that must be solved in order to progress. MAP28 is also a nightmarish switch hunt in an open, Doom 2 Downtown-like area.
    • By TFK · Posted
      This fills up my retro glass!
    • By The_SloVinator · Posted
      EDIT: It appears Tag 666 doesn't execute properly in some source ports or if complevel is below 3.   Let me get E1M8 out of the way first because it's the most confusing thing I've witnessed in a Doom wad. So, you got four switches that kill four barons outside of the map, to make two walls & four marble cubes lower. Basically, a special tag 666 situation. I press all four switches & nothing happens after I wait for awhile. I tried with PrBoom, PrBoom, GzDoom 2.4.0 & on the latter, only worked once. I looked up the walkthrough of it & there is nothing I did different from the people playing it but they got it to work somehow. It's very strange. If anyone knows what's up, I'd like to know.   The rest of the wad is alright. Maps are way too lengthy and forgettable & just cluttered with too many enemies. Traps are fairly challenging & were the best part of the wad.   But all that wasn't worth it for the last map of the wad to crap on me.   Totally not worth a Cacoward 2011.
    • By damned · Posted
      All the maps are above average, but this is Legendary wad because of Ty and Map10, which is true masterpiece of art. 5/5