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  • File Reviews

    • By Endless · Posted
      Not the best, but also not as bad as you might think. Very short and spooky maps with some nice flavour here and there. Obsidian def did an interesting job at trying to kill your sanity with MAP02 (uses some Cry of Fear music) which is quite the, uh, surprise, thanks to some very neat, albeit, annoying tricks. I would recommend if you want to play something very quick and quite funny with just enough spooky sprinkled here and there.   Jimmy takes the cake for best map this session.
    • By CBM · Posted
      I get it is funny to pretend this is an epic wad, but suggesting it gets a caco is taking it too far
    • By URROVA · Posted
      there are various floors, and there are various ceiligs... very nice map   also AMOGUS
    • By DSC · Posted
      Masterpiece. However, I must disagree with my fellow critic TheMagicMushroomMan here. This work very evidently doesn't possess the usual characteristics of Kurosawa's works. Instead, it immensely burrows from the techniques of Ingmar Bergman while applying them fully succesfully in a completely new medium, losing none of the master's touch, and adding just enough of a personal taste in order to stand itself out. A sight to burrow itself in our collective memory and never come out, masterpiece deserved to be played by all.
    • By Thrustpeak · Posted
      Could have used a bit less nukage, but overall it was pretty enjoyable.