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  • File Reviews

    • By PureSlime · Posted
      Does a fantastic job at mimicking Doom II, but as a result doesn't deliver as tight of an experience (through no fault of the mappers, that's just the Doom II style). Really recommended if you enjoyed the first one.
    • By PureSlime · Posted
      Very well-made. It almost seamlessly mimics the style of the first three original episodes, but tweaks the formula to streamline it in certain places and extrapolate upon it in others. A cool look into a sort of "alternate reality" version of Doom. It feels like it spilled over from another timeline where everything was the same, but still a little different.
    • By Roofi · Posted
      Good megawad but one of the most overrated from the 90's. Likka keränen's maps are by far the most memorable with their vanilla tricks but the rest is easily forgettable and sometimes annoying to play because of global narrowness. Map 23 has very interesting concept contrarywise.
    • By Summer Deep · Posted
      I really liked this. A decent challenge but never too difficult. Avoids using some of the worst clichés in Doom mapping, like ambushes every time the player picks up a key, monsters teleporting in, etc.    There is a serious bug near the end of the fourth level, where if one presses the wall at one point, some dramatic changes to the environment take place, making it impossible to finish it, even with noclipping.   9/10
    • By Maximum Matt · Posted
      Well I ain't playing this one...…. again