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DOOM2NEW ---- Flaming 'Rroids of Mars.

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About This File

Here are SIX new levels for episode 2. To play them you must copy the .WAD files, DOOM1-3 and DOOM4-6, to your Doom directory ( e.g. C:\DOOM ) and start Doom with the following command;


This will add the new Wad files to your game. If you ever want to play the original 2 levels of Doom then just type DOOM at the prompt.

These games can be played single or multiple players. Regular or Deathmatch. A 486 is recommended but not mandatory. I've spent a lot of time working on these levels and it is my firm belief that they do not suck. If you find them too hard, not hard enough or have any other comments I'd like to hear from you. DOOM rules.

Until next time remain Driven. 5000, Andrew J Jeffries FO581@cleveland.Freenet.edu

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Made in 1994, so rated as such. FOA: the amount of HOMS and other technical errors is plain hopeless. Besides that, the levels have even for a 1994 mapset simple layouts, simple texture use, very poor ambiance, a zillion of unmarked doors, and very poor gameplay missing any leitmotivs. E2M2 can be finished bypassing about 75% of the map. I seriously wonder if any playtesting has been done. Overall: authors ambition outweighted his skills, resulting in an awful amateurish mapset. 1* for the effort. /nofi

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Award 5 stars to self? Let's fix that. Maps 1-3 are barely playable, doors that don't work and many places you get stuck. 4-6 marginally better, maybe 3 stars. But -2 for being a twit that floods lost souls everywhere.

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Unknown date

See my review for levels/doom/d-f/doom 1-6.zip. --3/5

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  • File Reviews

    • By Chipchase · Posted
      Consists of some rooms to be opened in key sequence from a central area. Doors are narrow and each reveals a row of monsters waiting for you, and you don't have enough ammo (I had to cheat). No atmosphere, bright lighting, and mostly Wolfenstein-ish cuboid rooms. Technically OK, with minor texture mis-matches. At least his own summary was modest.   Give it a miss.
    • By NuMetalManiak · Posted
      cannonball is yet another mapper who will probably take some getting used to when it comes to his maps. I remember hating on Return to Hadron when I first played it, but after subsequent plays it got easier. the same can be said for a lot of his other wads.   while this is my first time playing through Sparta 2, I easily got into cannonball's playstyle. his architecture style is always the same, as are his usage of monsters, basically you'll be running around often in the heat of monsters; the space is wide enough to accomodate this kind of playstyle and you just gotta be quite wary of where projectiles are flying. even if the monster count is low the layouts make things rough. but overall, what I like most about cannonball's maps is how well they can be run through. sure, you're gonna be dealing with a fuckload of carnage in these maps, but they all are very speedrun-friendly which is a plus. notable maps include:   MAP08, which is probably the roughest start in the wad MAP12, which has a false sense of security with its monster count. the two slaughter finales which are both well done.
    • By Summer Deep · Posted
      I don't pretend to understand any of the promotional material accompanying this map, relating to wizards and the like, and it just seems like a typically unsubtle early offering, albeit on a grand scale. One of the reviews says you can't get out of the Cyberdemon arena once you've teleported into it near the start, but the bad news is that you can. The final room with the Spider Mastermind is quite lively and entertaining, if you persevere that far.   The version of this I played was a Doom 2 conversion, which ran in the MAP10 slot, with some Revenants, chaingunners and Pain Elementals, but if you download the one on this page you'll probably get the original wad.  
    • By elend · Posted
      I really like this palette edit. I am not sure about the "better visibility on CRT screens" part, since I find it a bit dark at times, but I do love the toned down colors. I don't play everything with this palette, but I noticed that some WADs definitely benefit from it.   Regarding the people who don't like it; Well, just check out the screenshots. If this looks cool to you, use it when you play Doom. If it looks crap to you, don't download this.
    • By Sasha · Posted
      Hard maps with good architecture. I enjoy this wad