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Blood Rock

   (3 reviews)
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About This File

Rivers of blood have began to form in a facility beneath of the Mars surface and from that blood, organic tissue has grown, seemingly in a short period. The grouth now threatens to overtake the facility. All contact with the large maintainance and digging crew has been lost. Camera footage from surveylence shows the caverns are unstable; several cave ins and quakes have happened already, making it unsafe for anyone to get down there and be able to find their way back.


I feel this map is interesting, because it manipulates itself to form other paths as the "quakes" happen. There are a few interesting techniques used here. This supports Single Player, Co-Op, and Death Match, although with Death Match, its best if the players are human, Skull Tag Bots don't cut it very well.

Takes me at least 8 minutes to get through and I know where everything is.

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Unknown date

Hated it; there's a tiny amount of ammo, it's uniformly red and gloomy, and the gameplay is a lot of switch-flicking and hunting around for doors that have opened. I spotted a HoM effect; the level has rockets but no rocket launcher. There's a bit where you blunder around in some pitch-black pools, hunting for a key and some tiny little stairs. You only get the single shotgun and there are too few shells, especially when the level throws an archvile at you.

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Unknown date

this map could be really good and atmospheric without these problems: not enough ammo, the switches,...; a better texturing and lighting and some eye candy details would be fine too for this theme, ... work on it and rerelease it 2/5

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  • File Reviews

    • By Juza · Posted
      Great visuals, creative layouts with unorthodox and challenging gameplay, while still holding those 90s vibes. Although sometimes it can get stressful due to the high influx of monsters in massive areas while giving you no time to rest (edit: though, some will probably enjoy the execution bit more than me -- which is why I changed it from 4 to 5 stars), it's essential for every vanilla lover, and a good trip as well.
    • By [Vitz!] · Posted
      One of the best wads I've ever played, has a great and memorable soundtrack while also having a nice and difficult (but satisfying) level design. To me a nice step up from the original and a way more balanced map pack overall.

      Highly recommended to people who want a nice and difficult wad to play.
    • By MuratMikal · Posted
      I generally like city maps on DOOM but this set of maps are one of worst I've ever played. Extremely confusing maps, obtuse progression and on top of that there's no enough ammo on UV to kill the monsters. Gave up on MAP 06. It's utter garbage really, you should avoid it.
    • By Loud Silence · Posted
      Creative, fun, entertaining and challenging levels, very cleverly hidden secrets, some butt-kicking ambushes and traps. Ammo balance is pretty tight in some maps with pistol start, but everything is possible. A must-play WAD.
    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      A very neat 1996 map that i kinda remember to have played already long ago, or at least something with a similar start, a really good interconnected layout (even if i was roaming around asking where to go, especially after taking the blue key and trying to leave the caves section), good texturing, hard monster placement (the easiest monsters are the shotgunners), really generous with health placement and some strategic megaspheres here and there, too bad it is too stingy with ammo, leaving me battling chaingunners with only a chainsaw sometimes... but overall, very good!