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  • File Reviews

    • By RonLivingston · Posted
      I have to say this, But this is the most scariest wad I've ever played, you know the yuri battle before all of those pictures came up, the super scream sound nearly made me have nightmares!
    • By TheBoltDoomer · Posted
      It has some good construction's for '98 but nowadays is not so good compare to other maps. One of his good aspects is that it has an RNG system for Teleporters making for each reset a new encounter variation but the areas are too dark forcing you to change the Gamma Correction.
    • By spd7693 · Posted
      I played the wad when Altima recommended it to me since I told him I love big complicated levels. I wasn't disappointed. Except... Map 26. Map 26! The reason I'll never play this pack again! So sad, because the first release has some great maps, especially map 12 Darkdome. It contains one of my favorite cyberdemon encounters. 19 sucks as a level as well and 20 is... weird. These three maps drop one star and the other drop is because of the lack of secret levels in the progressive run. The only secret map must be put as a map 1 replacement and I'm not a fan of that. Some encounters aren't fun, some required lots of infighting. Overall, the wad is tedious. Another reason for me to never play it again is that I no longer will have half a year free time. Yes, that's how long it took me to beat it. Anyways, a fun wad overall with great final map, some other strengths as well. Only if it had its secret levels the proper way and if it was vanilla compatible... 
    • By Juza · Posted
      Unquestionable classic, and one of my favorites.    The only wad I know that implements switch-hunting as the gameplay progression basic without ever making it confusing. Unique for its unorthodox design decisions, its work with the original base textures, and handing a feeling of obvious progression to the player, as the layouts and gameplay get more complex with each map, while still holding episodic themes and its distinctly identifiable design choices throughout the entire trip.   Gameplay can be a bit too easy, but it's not unenjoyable; it's certainly grand amounts of fun, for it's impressive how creative and consistent it is. Don't be afraid to try it on UV, the scaling of the wad's overall difficulty is very smooth, and the entire wad has a really good flow overall. Amazingly, makes good use of backtracking: It adds to the certainty of obvious progression. The switch-hunting will never leave you wondering where to go, for it'll be largely obvious where you must head to. That's honestly impressive.   Music is entirely original, and boy is it good -- and especially -- memorable. You'll be thinking about some of its tunes for weeks, while reminded of the map they're associated with.   Looks are the comfiest there could be. Modestly simple: limited to the base game textures but doing amazing work with them, and a lot of contrast with its use of lighting.   5/5. SOULFUL. The most fun I ever had in cooperative multiplayer, and highly satisfied while in single-player.
    • By Juza · Posted
      Just awesome. The best 90s Doom wads had to offer, but certainly not for everyone.   Gameplay is fun. Very fun and well-thought out. Some maps can be a bit too easy, but mostly, Eternal Doom certainly doesn't lack in challenge. There is no "shooting huge walls until the sun begins to shine", only well-made, dynamic encounters, with well-balanced ammo for your entire arsenal, so you can get to use the right guns for the right guys, when it's time. The action, however, is sometime given a break for the sake of puzzles, and while sometimes -- so few that it's excusable -- they rely more on sight than smarts, they're certainly acquired taste. You have to expect a few certain tricks, and this adds to the megawads' overall timeless uniqueness; it doesn't take more than it gives.   The levels look absolutely gorgeous, and this fact is made even more impressive considering this is work made to be in line with the original engine limitations. Some areas can be pure eye-candy, you can tell these maps were given much attention to, in all aspects. Is this really a 90s wad?   Featuring one of the best original soundtracks made for a Doom wad. When music is so good and fitting for the setting it's put in, and there's not much more needed to say other than "It's great", or, "Amazing".   As I said in the first line of this review, this megawad is certainly not for everyone, and this is fault of its puzzles -- Still, I'd say it's a must-play, for anyone to at least try. Skilled Doom players won't have a problem with most of its puzzles; such tricks are something expected, that such have grown accustomed to, and it's experience acquired from having played hundreds of levels. You have to go in with a certain mindset, more alerted and attentive than usual. I'd say, it's not a bad thing for a video-game to try to get the best of your skills in more than just the combat aspect.   5/5.