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  • File Reviews

    • By antares031 · Posted
      - Above average and interesting map design! - All maps keep the theme of the episode, thus constant. I can remember every unique map. New custom textures were used in all maps, which resulted in a beautiful look throughout the whole megawad. A few maps are just empty, because they were designed to get you out of their stations connect the levels as a hub area, giving you an interesting experience with progression. - Designer had a great idea to finish the wad in MAP25, which is phenomenal under vanilla limitations. - Above average gameplay. Trying to create a great gameplay experience, the designer put A LOT of interesting, but challenging encounters. - Such a memorable ending. Seriously, just download this wad and check it out for yourself.
    • By DoomShark · Posted
      - Below average and boring map design! - All maps looks similar to each other, thus boring, I can't remember any distinct map. Same textures are used in all maps which resulted in a boring look after playing a couple of maps. Many maps are just empty, no monsters no anything, just head to the exit. - Designer ran out of ideas and stopped at map 25, didn't finish the rest. - Below average gameplay, Trying to create a gameplay experience the designer resorted to traps, and A LOT of them, many of them are really deadly. - Anticlimactic end, Designer will kill you and throw you into the deep ocean :(  
    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      Interesting little weapon wad with some pretty amazing dehacked works like the marine spawner gun or the mines (unluckily, a little broken). Overall, a pretty interesting relic from the past, download it! Also is incredible to see that is the first review for this wad, really?
    • By rdwpa · Posted
      A 1995 slice-of-city-life map, recreating the office building the author worked in and a nearby Mexican restaurant. The potential negatives aren't too hard to anticipate from that description and the era: it is ugly, the indoor parts with a lifelike floor plan don't play very well, and progression can be opaque. You might want to consult the automap regularly to spot barely marked doors in the dark or two-sided lines teasing hidden areas you need to hump your way into.    Overall though I found it entertaining. It is short enough that the negatives weren't exhausting, and I liked the Doomcute implements and all the inventive bits of functionality, some abstractly puzzly, some lifelike, some bizarre. This map is loaded with these. My favorite were easily the toilets that function as teleporters; I guess the idea is you tunnel through the piping (eww). Later on, when the streetside combat is long over and you need to worm your way through cramped office space, I felt I was playing a game the author constructed. I was understanding my tasks less in the sense of "find a switch" and more like "figure out how to deal with that disgruntled flame-coated employee barricaded in the break room." 
    • By rdwpa · Posted
      The custom textures are fantastic. If you're a mapper seeking a change of pace from the usual Scythe 2 Egypt, both ISIS.wad and Osiris.wad, which provided some resources, permit use of their assets. (Although they would need cleanup to gel with the most polished of modern styles.)   By modern standards, ISIS.wad hasn't held up, either the name or the gameplay. Outside of a few moments, it stays at a difficulty that makes the early parts of Doom 2 feel like a TimeOfDeath map. The bigger issue is that it is also huge and confusing, with progression being lightly marked at best. Near the end, I unwittingly teleported to the start, and I had to reload a save to avoid minutes of backtracking. All the monsters are stock, so if forced to replay it, I'd either use -fast or throw on a gameplay mod that buffs monsters. The saving grace is that the textures make the outdoors and caves look pretty.
      The text file suggests using Doom Legacy, but few people in 2020 know what that is. Fortunately, the wad ran perfectly for me in GZDoom. It requires jumping and swimming.   Bumped up a star for the cool assets, especially since many were crafted by the author.