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REVENGE OF ASMODEOUS Episode One - Mission Two

   (3 reviews)
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About This File

REVENGE OF ASMODEOUS Play DOOM D&D style! This is Episode One - Mission Two of a whole new DOOM Adventure

This is the second level of "Revenge Of Asmodeous". Unlike the First level this one was designed as a Single Player Only. Due to the sequential order in which the rooms must be investigated, it would be difficult to have different starting places. Enjoy...this is a tough one, unless, of course, you use GOD MODE.

Ain't it Great!

--= Marty =--

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Unknown date

Good: One nasty teleporter trap. Bad: Possible to get permanently stuck in multiple spots; WAY too many supplies; Redundant (latter half of level basically "open door, clear out small room of monsters, repeat dozens of times"); Two sets of red/yellow/blue keys making level progression near the end incoherent; Block Monsters lines in doorways prevent most enemies from engaging you; Ugly overall with several graphics errors. Overall: So bad, I didn't have enough room to list all its faults. 0/5 -VV

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Unknown date

Is better than the first one, well that's not saying much.

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  • File Reviews

    • By printz · Posted
      A newbie map set. The big problem is that several levels have permanent dead end traps which don't even kill you. An interesting level is 3 which is just a big 2D maze of joined squares and very many monsters. Otherwise the episode is plagued by these problems.
    • By printz · Posted
      Yet another garish "NEMESIS" level. Sounds are replaced with stuff from other games, such as Doom, Warcraft II and other games. As the text says, this map has D'sparil, but fortunately you don't need to fight him. To get ahead, you need to pass through an illusionary wall. In general the map is full of contrivances.
    • By printz · Posted
      Even though it has potential, I just found an early exit, meaning it's trivial.
    • By printz · Posted
      A newbie level, based on how it's designed and the weird or misplaced features. It's a pretty long and tough adventure, but clearly doesn't show much experience.
    • By Argenteo · Posted
      First in the UCA series, cool hellish-tech theme adventure, inspect closer the hole at the beginning and the baron's den (unmarked door).