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  • File Reviews

    • By Juza · Posted
      For some reason, I always looked at Requiem as one of the more 'weird' and forgettable of the popular 90s megawads. However, that doesn't mean it isn't good fun and doesn't feature mindblowingly good levels, with an amazing soundtrack all the way through.   For the most part, Requiem was certainly very advanced for its time, much like Memento Mori II and Eternal Doom. Its first two episodes contain the most fun and beautiful levels of its package, with a grand variety of themes, from techbases, to temples and caves, to the most wonderful and memorable city levels of 90s megawads.   However, it doesn't go without featuring many bad apples, mostly seen on its late episode. MAP20 and forward certainly features some of Requiem's worst levels, resorting to hitscan hell for their difficulty and featuring weird, confusing progression, downgraded visuals and other weird issues: MAP24 for example being one of the most infamous for being near impossible to complete through a pistol start, and the last level featuring a laughably easy to kill Icon of Sin with some weak, uninspired battles beforehand. I can give a shout-out to MAP28 for being an unique and fun level, much like the early and mid episode levels.   Requiem is a very good megawad which everyone should give a try at some point, but personally, it wouldn't be one of my first recommendations when it comes to the 90s.  
    • By slef · Posted
      Amazing this is still floating around on the interwebs!! I have downloaded them all again and firing up ZDoom for a trip back.   Maybe it's time I finish this series? Thanks for the kind feedback @Doomkid ... I made this when I was 15 or 16 and obviously full of teen angst, at least that seems apparent from the language in the readme.
    • By Forli · Posted
      I'm just writing this review to let everyone know that you are supposed to run this choosing the original plutonia as the iwad and not doom2, or else (on zdoom at least) the plutonia textures will be shown as black and the midtextures will not be drawn at all, causing confusion since the blocking lines are still there. I made that mistake the fist time I played this wad.
    • By kfpopeye · Posted
      Expected more from the makers of Plutonia. The use of an all black texture almost everywhere didn't do much for me and the use of player blocking lines just made it confusing when running from a horde. Couldn't pass level 29 without using no clipping because the final steps were too high.
    • By 666shooter · Posted
      [HMP, Continuous w/ pistol-start mindset, regular saves]   I went into Requiem with relatively low expectations. Having not been thrilled by the Memento Mori series and having just come off playing the superb Alien Vendetta, I expected a solid if relatively forgettable megawad with desgin concepts in the old school. In many ways I was pleasently surprised: solid map design through about the first 20 maps, a Quake homage in Map 31 that made me smile, a few obnoxious encounters due to tight spacing and poor distribution of the Sshotgun, okay, but better city levels than the IWAD, so that was nice. Map 15 was frustrating to navigate and Map 18 actually forced me to restart since I saved after the red key, but no real bs otherwise. But then came Map 21: Be warned, it is possible to softlock yourself out of the lift in the X room if you are backtracking; upon restarting I found the switch to lower the panel in front of the red door did not work and remained "active" and non-function despite repeated Uses. I would recommend an updated version of this map because this simply wasn't acceptable. (For reference, I was running this with GZDoom 4.1.3; your mileage may vary.) Nor was Map 24, as commented below. After the grueling and frustrating Map 23, this almost made me want to stop playing the Wad or at least skip this one, which would be a first for me. Not enough ammo, revenants and a few more revenants, the only nice thing I have to say about this debacle is you will learn just how effective (of often inneffective) that stupid chainsaw can be against enemies that can do over 40% damage in one hit. Not. Good. Design. But there is hope, as Map 27 is one of the nicest vanilla Maps I've seen in one of these older Wads (The Labs of MM 1 notwithstanding), and its winding journey almost redeems the package to the finish. The unfortunate and clumsy Icon of Sin encounter at the end of Map 23 aside, I found the final map mercifully short and I appreciate the little bit of lore in the text file giving us a semblence of an "alternative" final boss. Overall, worth checking out for several of the maps here. A compliment to map 20 while I'm here- short, sweet, and nice outdoor environment design w/ vanilla assets not unlike Scythe meets Plutonia. A few bumps with the weapon placement and some points off for 21 and 24, but a solid recommendation going in forewarned.