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  • File Reviews

    • By spd7693 · Posted
      Fair share? I'll ignore the fact I keep rage quitting because of map 28.    Scythe is taking everything too much to the extreme. I liked the first 20 maps and from then on... Yeah. I played it even once on HMP and still 28 frustrated me. All because of one revenant. I'm not gonna say too much.    It was a big dilemma if to give 3 or 4. But I'll give 4. Why won't I give 5:    Combat is unfair. Lots of monsters in cramped spaces aren't my thing. If you think it's the difficulty, read my HR and AV reviews. Seems like I can handle difficult stuff. In Scythe I simply don't enjoy it and it simply made me give up on megawads. That, until that infamous @Nine Inch Heels comment came as a slap in the face for me. On HMP it's at least more manageable. Not that much grinding and I can breathe a bit calmer.  It sems like short maps aren't my thing either. Also the majority are the player thrown in one arena and fight. That's not how I like playing Doom.  Lots of fighting must be done in a forceful way. Like in so many fights, especially map 26, the way to go is "use the BFG well or die." There are 6 other weapons. Let the player use them if they want!  Can there be more cover in a few maps?  Like I said, everything is taken to the extreme and I'm not a fan of extremism.    But still, this won't make me give 3 in the end, because this wad doesn't deserve it. I'm talking on my behalf only. Some maps make me want to just go into another wad and simply go through a maze of corridors, just to take a break from Scythe.    These are my two cents and I'd rather be banished from the community forever than playing this ever again! Erik, you had to take some lessons from Yonatan Donner if you wanted to make hard maps. He seems to be the best at that. Oh wait, @Andy_Johnsen actually is better. No matter, just get out of my head! 
    • By Endless · Posted
      A classic, one big milestone in Doom mapping. Small maps with very consistent fighting, with the final maps evolving into big challenges. Also, the soundtrack is just so awesome. One of my favorite megawads.
    • By DoomShark · Posted
      - Map design is very good and attractive - Fun to play as gameplay is very good too - Not very challenging even at UV difficulty + Brutal Doom - I wish it was a complete 32 maps wad, But it only has 20 maps and the other 10 maps are multiplayer only maps      
    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      I probably don't get quite of the jokes that this wad tries to mock with (this is a joke wad, right? RIGHT?) but i see that these guys wants to mock us badly. Un-readable runes, milions of bitmap faces, jumping bitmap klingons, fatass trekkers being crushed in E2M4 (and this map is inteneded for cooperative play, but actually is pretty easy as pie), a endless circle arena inside a secret sector for E2M3, the blandest arenas for a DM map i've seen so far and a unfinished map for the final confrontation against trekkers (uh, Klingon fans hates ordinary trekker? Please let me understand!) and doom monsters in a """"epic"""" trench warfare (sprites of fat trekkers is kinda cute, i must admit)...   I really don't get this wad, it looks like a weird ass mock 2 style mini episode, but where is the joke? Where is the fun in this. Bad. Real, real bad.
    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      Is not that bad as reviewers want to make think back in older times. Sure, E1M1 / MAP01 midi is loud as shit and the sounds are a little annoying sometimes, but overall the graphic works on Kenshiro arms and legs and some texture work are pretty good looking, reminds me a little of Strife.