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  • File Reviews

    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      Yukio Ide was always a kind of interesting oddball to me, he made these weird maps filled with sound clips and low res anime pics from 90s bbs(mostly evangelion and Ah! My Godness! over some other unknown anime), but it have always some sort of "happy-go-lucky" that is unusual in a game like doom. Oh, and lots of crosses in the maps. But overall, his maps are enjoyable to me, for some reason. And this "love wad" to his waifu Belldandy is no expection! Level is short, colorful and have a way too happy music in it, overall is not that bad, but neither a great, amazing wad. Things like the million secrets (included in some rooms that aren't that secret, 2 secret rooms are behind a normal door! WTF?) in the map, the pretty bland looking map, that strange audio clip for the pistol shot (yes, the pistol have this audio clip almost unheareable phrase taken from the Ah! My Godness! anime that is just... weird and plain irritating, and the sound compression made it sound like gibberish) and the "love wad" affair, like other reviewers behind my time, is a strange thing to show your love with a wad where you kill people... Is like if i do a wad called "I love you Yohane" and make a slaughtermap filled with low res pictures of mai waifu for giving me courage or whatever, is just a weird and even kind of creepy thing to do. But the status bar graphics is pretty nice imo! I could even take it and change the colors of writing from pink to a more reddish tint... Is cool to have a japanese written status bar at your side, i think.
    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      Short map (maybe one of his first?) made by Impie, the Robocop Doom and many other combos you have played in these years, including that wad based upon Lovercraftian universe (i don't remember the name now), this a short affair sets in this rocky canyon with some hellish sections. Texturing reminds me of TNT. Layout is pretty and there's some minor, very simple "speedrunning" trickery you have to do for passing trough the map, difficulty is not hard but takes you to the edge. Not bad.
    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      From the same author of my previously played map "Gorilla Gore", another short and fun little map, less squarish than that other map and much funnier to play, i liked it. Also really enjoyed that handrail texture.
    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      Two nice maps with some good use of space, MAP01 is more primitive and easy to get lost than MAP02, but overall it's... ok. Level aren't that difficult and the layout is not to throw away, it is also pretty cool in some parts. Two nice maps for passing the time.
    • By rdwpa · Posted
      Hard Attack is a remake of Tim Willits's ATTACK.wad from the Master Levels.    Dated 2006, it has that tidy trim-heavy look many have come to associate with the time. Little is unexpected, but it is pleasant enough to look at. The original layout, with its straight hallways and clean angles and pervasive symmetry, happens to suit mid-'00s stylings perfectly, or at least stereotypes of them. So, to me, it felt like the remake was proving the thesis that ATTACK.wad, enhanced a decade, would be an early-game Community Chest 3 map.    The author says Hard Attack is "not a hard map." If anything, modern players might read that as understatement. Ammo can get tight early, but the action is very sedate. Throughout, you're mostly fighting a scattering of hitscanners, a trickle of pinkies, a duo of revvies, a handful of imps, piecemeal, in familiar ways, without a driving pace or smooth flow. A late key trap throws four low-tiers at you.    Having skimmed other reviews, "original design that willits made" is a sequence of words that made me laugh, divorced from context, with what has become common knowledge about Willits's history.