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  • File Reviews

    • By Pseudonaut · Posted
      A fantastic wad, probably the single best full 32-map megawad to receive significant "mainstream" recognition. It contains no shortage of clever, memorable combat scenarios, like the puzzle at the start of map17 "The Womb", the archvile invasion at the end of map32 "Postcoitus Doom", the incredibly overwhelming and under-equipped pistol start of map29 "Go Fuck Yourself", many of the fights in map25 "Proxyon", etc etc.   Much has been said about the difficulty of this set, and for good reason, but it actually spends quite a lot of time easing the player in. The first 5 maps or so in particular are surprisingly accessible, hardly if ever exceeding the difficulty of Plutonia even on UV. And even at the peak of Sunlust's difficulty later in the set, it isn't as extreme as sometimes claimed; some have mentioned the textfile's joking that UV is designed for ubermensch doom-gods and taken it seriously, but it's an exaggeration by the authors' own admission in sunlust_extra_info.txt. Yes, the fights in a map like "Proxyon" are pretty far beyond the difficulty of something like Plutonia, but nothing insurmountable for those with significant slaughter experience. In case the player lacks such experience, difficulty settings are fully implemented and are implemented well.   One particular reviewer has claimed, strangely, that Sunlust "eschews complex encounters". Implied in this statement is that complexity is necessary or necessarily good, which normally I might challenge in more detail, but there's no need in this case: Sunlust has the most complex combat encounters of any wad of equivalent popularity. This wad has tons of content from which I could pick out examples, and I've decided on the final fight of map24 "Dying on Cue", an enormous arena where a giant conveyor carries into the battlefield an army of imps followed by hell knights followed by revenants. From the sides, many cacodemons and a few pain elementals float in. It is a common trend in slaughter fights that maintaining space to move by killing the right enemies needs to be one of the player's top priorities to avoid being overwhelmed, and this fight is no exception; both the caco/PE waves and the demon army on the ground are significant threats in that regard (turning off 'actors are infinitely tall' is cheating, by the way). The imps are higher priority in this fight than one might expect because killing them is the fastest way to create space to move, but attention to the other threats is also necessary unless you want tons of lost souls added to the already troublesome flying enemies. The revenants' presence isn't felt until near the end of the fight, when the imps have been worn down, but there will be a horde of hell knights left to use as a giant meatshield for the revs' homing missiles. There's a lot going on in all that chaos, and writing about it doesn't do it justice, but hopefully the point is made. Another brief example: the start of map29 "Go Fuck Yourself", where the player actually has quite a lot of options for progression, and every single one of them is nasty. In any case, even if these encounters somehow don't meet some arbitrary complexity standard, it's hard to deny the fun of figuring out how to dismantle them and eventually succeeding.   Bizarrely, it has also been claimed by the same reviewer that Sunlust features some sort of mindless BFG-spam gameplay, leading me to suspect that he or she played with IDKFA. Nevermind the suggestion that any gameplay featuring BFG-spam is mindless (it isn't); truthfully, even the most BFG-oriented fights in Sunlust will require you to be mindful of your cell ammo, even if you aren't pistol starting each map, and you can't afford to simply hold the trigger down for 30 consecutive seconds like you can in some actual BFG-spam maps (many of which are actually good, by the way). Instead, a few well-placed BFG shots will go a long way.   That digression aside, Sunlust is basically mandatory. If you haven't played it yet, it should be high on your priority list, even if you have to start on HMP and finish on ITYTD.  
    • By Thrustpeak · Posted
      Fantastic and challenging stuff. 
    • By Maximum Matt · Posted
      Luckout? More like.. SUCKOUT!!
    • By Maximum Matt · Posted
      Man, screw that maze with the moving walls