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  • File Reviews

    • By Ajora · Posted
      Even for Terrywad standards, this is pretty terrible. Not worth playing at all. 
    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      Pretty enjoyable map, it feels more modern than it's official release. maybe too square-ish in layout terms, but overall is a cool and fun map!
    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      First series of the "k_" wads, is a cool and open arena with some texture taken from Quake, is a fun map.
    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      Basic and really short map, kinda ok but way too short and ends too soon, without any sign of exit signs. Also is the final room some sort of hellish uterus and you die in... lava vagina?
    • By warman2012 · Posted
      I'd give this mapset a friggin 0 if I could. This mapset is terrible to its very core. It pulls all sorts of asinine moves to make sure you die at least 3 to 4 times in a level, on HMP at least. I wouldn't dream of playing UV for this mapset, not that there is much of any difference when mapping philosophy is "aggravation central". Lets list out all the things wrong with this mapset: 1. Ammo and Health starvation. 2. Claustrophobic ambushes stuffed with so many enemies you can barely move around in. 3. Cheap tricks such as a teleporting cyberdemons that teleport every 3 seconds across 3 elevated levels. 4. Archvile abuse. 5. Slaughtermap-esque encounters.   What were these people going for when they made this? Sure, it has colorful Mario graphics and short length. That essentially ends it here. These ppl had to go out of their way to handcraft each way they could send you back to the loading screen. No difficulty or "skill" could possibly fix the deranged minds of these sadists. Map 18 for one, has at the end, a cyberdemon to kill you as you go towards the exit of the level with no way to get out of the cyberdemon's way because its a narrow passage. Map 15 Ziegenhous, I am going to single out as the worst offender. 16 archviles, 55 revenants make up 90% or so of this ridiculous map. This map also has the teleporting cyberdemons I mentioned earlier. Had to MDK these guys as it was too ridiculous to try and kill them conventionally. Map 21 Rainbow Road is another stain with it shoving you into cramped slaughter arena fights; one of these fights has an archvile duo with another monster for cover and poles that can barely block line of sight, not that it matters as the arena is too small to move in and is open to fire from two cyberdemons that dominate the map and can snipe you from long range.   One of the worst mapsets I've played. If savecumming, headache-inducing aggravation in colorful, cheerful environments with fun music is your thing, then check this out. Otherwise, for the normal folks, stay far away from this mapset.