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About This File

1-5 player a single "3D FLOORS" map for DM or co-op play "preferably DM", USING THE LATEST VERSION OF DOOM2.WAD and DOOMLEGACY with SOFTWARE ,3DFX or GL modes..

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Unknown date

Best Doom Legacy DM map! 5/5

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Unknown date

Not bad, it didn't need a single player mode though. Short but sweet! 4/5!-Candle M

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  • File Reviews

    • By P41R47 · Posted
      I actually used this files MORDETHfb97-dsf but its the same wad with lumps properly organized.    Simply... WOW!!!   Love it from start! I really like exploratory maps with clever puzzles and secrets and pretty good encounters. The maps are neat, detailed, have a really good atmosphere and great architecture. The resources are used in a way that one can't ignore; its just really organic and nothing standouts as unfitting. Perfect texture work, indeed. (Don't know why, but while playing it, Suspended in Dusk by Espi comes to my mind... maybe some of the texture usage remind me of that amazing work).
      The dehacked monsters are good and interesting alternatives.
      I love the fog effect and how it dissapeard when you are near and then appeard again when you look at it from afar. If this was the demo, and after seeing some juicy screenshots, i just can drool dreaming about this long awaited mapset finally being released.

      Thanks MORDETH for this demo, its something really inspiring.
      I doesn't care to wait another twenty years to finally play the complete version ;)
    • By aargh · Posted
      Slaughtermap for beginners. Simple but effective level design, impressive architecture, great lighting. Arch-viles are a bit overused.
      Played with Meatgrinder mod.
    • By elend · Posted
      What a set of maps. At first I only expected random maps that use use Mario textures, but this is so much more. From the cutesy bullet puffs of the weapons, to the plasmagun sprites, there have been more changes than "just" textures. All together they form a very, very coherent picture which makes you almost disappointed, that there are no Mario enemies in the game.   Even then, the actual quality of the maps surprised me quite a bit as well. Very, very fun to play from the beginning to the end, with admittedly frustrating parts (the map featuring only Archies and Revenants or the map featuring ice and wind. Oh god, the ice...). These are not just simple techbases given a Mario texture paint, these maps are well thought out and tailored to the textures, ranging from grass lands, over desert to impressive castle scapes and even an air ship. I played on TYTD not only because I am a wimp, but also because those maps are really, really hard and have some frustrating moments. It speaks for this mapset's quality, though, that you can live with those moments and still enjoy the maps.   Try it out at least.
    • By P41R47 · Posted
      I really dig it! Its feel like a Ultimate Doom take of TNT, but its not at that level either.
      Its a great adventure mapset, leaning more to the  atmospheric and realistic architecture.
      First and second episodes are amazing. Introducing the new enemies as the maps unfold. But midway around episode three it start to lose steam, with a serie of really short maps and then maps really similar to the originals, this is not bad at all, just feels a little uninspireds. Fourth episode on the other hand, feels extremely rushed, with a lot of monotexturing and undetailed areas. Its not bad, but coming as the ending episode it could be much better, specially with the degree of detailing the author showed on the precious episodes.

      All the episodes offers a good challenge, even on Hurt Me Plenty, but don't expect anything near the difficulty of NEIS.   All in all, being one of the few complete Ultimate Doom megawads, its pretty good and i liked the new enemies sprites and the music used, almost all the time.
    • By chlef · Posted
      No, this is not good by any stretch. First 25 levels feel like they are all the same - colorless, flat, dull and bland. Next 3 look like deathmatch arenas with a handful of monsters. Again, all pretty much the same. The last two are pitch black mazes - oh what fun. As for the secret levels - I abandoned both. Map31 is a maze alternating between pitch darkness and flashing primary colours and map 32 is simply an incomprehensible mess. Possibly acceptable if you just want to kill some time with mindless point and shoot, but not what I would call an enjoyable Doom experience. At least it avoids degenerating into slaughter.