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Map set #1

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About This File

This is my first mapset for doom2. I have just started to learn doom builder and i know these levels isn't much to look at but i tried to make them fun and challening and i tried fixing as many bugs i could find so i hope there's none left but im not 100% sure.

The maps:

map 01: the lost base: A typical tech base level in the style of doom2 map01 and lightly inspired from doom1. It's supposed to be short and easy since its the first level.

map 02: Halls of darkness. The second level is a little bit harder and is mostly tech base style but has an outside area and a toxic waste area to add more styles.

map 03: Blood temple This one got more of a hellish theme and is much harder then map1 and 2 and also much bigger.

map 04: The Outpost Small size level with tech base theme. Should still be a couple of good fights in here.

map 05: Plateau Sigma Hell base level with mixed styles. Should prove to be quite challenging on UV.

All of the maps are set to be played individually if one choses, same as doom2 maps so theres enough weapons and ammo in every map to get you trough. I also tried to implent difficulty settings but the maps are best played on UV since thats what they are designed for.

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That One Gecko

For your first maps, they were pretty well made and enjoyable to play.

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why is this on here twice? anyways, it's a pretty fun small set of maps.

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Unknown date

First two maps so-so, third a bit better, fourth and five good. To the guy above, the first three maps are the same but two more maps are added. 3.5/4, rounded to 4 since the aurhor is improving.

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Unknown date

Wasn't this map set reviewed all ready a while back on the news stuff? It felt like a repeat review. The first map was great, the second map felt broken. 2/5 for effort.

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  • File Reviews

    • By DharmaForOne · Posted
      I liked it better than Claptrapino. Maybe because I'm a novice level maker too. Obviously it's the work of a newbie, but I absolutely understand how it might have taken 10+ hours. I think I've spent at least that long and haven't even completed any levels yet.   I actually thought it was an interesting basic concept to start in the middle of a maze, with areas you've previously cleared not guaranteed to be safe anymore with the portals and spawns. I died twice in my attempts and finished the third time. When I realized that staying in place, conserving resources and clearing wasn't working I took the invulnerability and just ran through the halls spraying high damage weapons.   The level did seem unfinished though. What are the keys for? Are there secrets in the level that contain locked doors?    
    • By aargh · Posted
      Yes, this is a legendary megawad. Yes, there is a lot of positives to say about it.
      But I can't ignore the button madness present in many levels. In the second half of the games this gets utterly insane - you WILL spend most of the time bashing and shooting every inch of every wall to find yet another hidden switch to be able to progress. Many switches open hidden doors in an unrelated location on the other side of the level without even telling you. Some levels have switches completely invisible and one of them even hides switches in random decoration sprites like trees. I'm sorry but this was no fun and in the end it ruined the entire megawad for me.
    • By DRMman · Posted
      Now this wad is sorta conflicting, for one if you suffer from any of the following problems: lack of ammo,regenerating health,the maps,multiple deaths. You can't play doom for shit but the i also have issues with this wad.   1. The doom 3 type design disgusts me, mainly because i don't like doom 3 that much   2. I hate the painkiller esque moments   3. It's unfinished and dead   That's all.   RATING:3/10
    • By Argent Agent · Posted
      Pretty awful: uninspired, square layouts; boring, repetitive hordes; bad map design which leads to accidental telefragging by monsters; questionable sound design. Half of the time in a map is spent trying to figure out where to go in the map because the automap does not work and there is little sensible layout of the maps (plus some access points are hidden and difficult to discern). Earns 1 star just because of decent graphics, but that's about all that's decent in this wad.
    • By DRMman · Posted
      I actually like this, the custom pistol replacement is pretty good the new enemies add a nice campy feel to it which i very much enjoy, the map design gives a nice feeling to my eyes and in general was good.   RATING:4/10