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  • File Reviews

    • By Lol 6 · Posted
      It's Sunlust
    • By omalefico32x · Posted
      i was going to beat this on uv and i almost got trough all of it but i switched source ports and lost interest after   this wad is great the enviroments look nice and combat is really good    most of it is puzzle combat and i see why some might not like sunlust because of it with good use of infighting and save scumming you can totally beat it even without being a doom god if you see the bfg as the solution for every fight then you will have a bad time playing this because you will waste cells and when you really need it you will suffer   also if you are having difficult with ammo on your first playtrough heres a tip: YOU DONT HAVE TO 100% IT you will end up with 98% on most of them anyway on your first time so why bother? if you are near the exit but the wad spawned another wave of demons to kill you just... run its not like you will be missing out on the wad or anything in fact i think a big part of doom gameplay is knowing with fights to pick and when to pick them leave 100% for subsequent playtroughs 
    • By AtticTelephone · Posted
      @Fairen's review below is probably bait, but is still utterly wrong.   Anyways, amazing wad. Great visuals that are absolute eye candy and give amazing atmosphere to the maps, challenging gameplay that is incredibly creative and very fun, and great choice in music as well.
    • By Scotty · Posted
      One of the best megawads of all time.
    • By Fairen · Posted
      Sunlust is one of those WADs that aims to be ultra-challenging and hardcore. And like most of those WADs, Sunlust relies entirely on a handful of cheap tricks and gimmicks that very quickly grow old. Many of these maps are spent simply taking out your BFG and holding down the fire button, as the maps often eschew complex encounters based around level design in favour of simply throwing massive hordes of enemies at you. (Naturally, a large number of these hordes consist entirely of revenants.) When Sunlust isn't doing this, it's fond of warping in or opening monster closets directly behind you, trapping you in cramped arenas, and placing hitscanners in cheap locations and overabundance. The problem isn't simply the cheapness of these "challenges" but also their predictability—coupled with unpredictability, ironically enough. You know when the game is going to do something stupid, but you never know exactly what, necessitating trial-and-error to find out where you should be standing at any given time/area, whether or not you need to quickly clear out an encounter or if you can take your time.   Incidentally: Though the map recommends UV only for "ubermensch doom-gods", lower difficulties change almost nothing about how the maps play. You're still having massive hordes throw themselves at you(r BFG), with the only differences being that the hordes are a bit smaller and some of them are replaced with weaker enemies. It's nothing but a difference of "I have to dodge 30 revenant rockets" vs. "I have to dodge 40 revenant rockets".   While it didn't start terribly, Sunlust quickly devolved into a joyless experience, where almost every major fight turns into the same repetitive chore and victory felt less like a result of skill and strategy than "okay, now I know what BS happens here". It's a perfect example of how trying to design a WAD around "challenge!" often overlooks making encounters and levels interesting, unique, or just plain fun.