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Scythe X. Episodes 1-2

   (127 reviews)
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About This File

The third installment of the Scythe series. This will be released on an episode basis.

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  • File Reviews

    • By CherryMvffins · Posted
      This wad is so hard, you gotta ballsy playing with nuts, but it's worth it. After hours of sucking at nuts, and believe me I sucked A LOT, I ended up loving nuts a lot. would recommend if you want a rough experience, with rock solid design, and balls to the walls action. I personally love nuts. This wad is cool too I guess 
    • By Origamyde · Posted
      Ah, yes, the ultimate benchmark tool for anyone looking for a decent computer. A fine piece of technology (I didn't even realize that this WAD had somewhat of a plot, despite its joke-ish nature), indeed, with a bonus feature by the greatest rock song on Earth.   5/5, would play again with anything but a potato.
    • By URROVA · Posted
      tutorial how to correctly make a slaughtermap
    • By Giant Jumbo Jellyfish · Posted
      A jokewad and a benchmark rolled together into one. Hard to say anything about this really
    • By 1Destro3456 · Posted
      This is a historic Doom pwad, it's impossible not to give this 5 stars. Only thing is that if you want to play this, play it on GlBoom plus if you're using an old version of PrBoom or change video mode to GlBoom because if you do not do this, your computer might explode (though if you're using an old computer or one that is not very powerful itmight not explode but you will probably not be able to play)