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  • File Reviews

    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      Oh boy, i wonder what it is the Doom 2 version, but the Hexen remake i've played is a pretty crappy map, weird progression in Single player and way too sandbox-y to be fun, way too boring for deathmatch. Abstract and overall pretty bad looking in texturing, layout is confusing but the stair light effect is pretty neat, only good part of the map.
    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      Finally after many Hexen maps, i've returned to the Heretic shores, yay! But is the map that i've played tonight is any good? Well... Like the previous map i reviewed yesterday, is a deathmatch that on paper it will be a pretty neat map, with quite some attention to detailing like in the main cavern waterfalls and the overall designing, with lots of interconnections all around the place, but unluckily it's ruined by not having a truly efficient layout connections and a weak gameplay by having a some sort of strange item placement in general. But overall it's a nice map, i've expected to see open areas with sea vista and beaches due to the title instead of a cave map with lots of underground waterfalls and no oceans.
    • By baja blast rd. · Posted
      Do you like to hump?    Well this is the wad for you, at least at first. map01's progression involves wonky teleporters and keys stashed in secrets. While the next two maps depart from that, you should still be prepared to mash your soft parts into non-standard triggers.    The layouts consist of blocky rooms or spaghetti strands of hallways, with monsters dumped into these spaces more or less randomly, and it all gives off the impression of SLIGE after getting drunk (if computer programs could do that).    This old set does have its charms, though. The author outdoes SLIGE in the novelty of trigger use; map02 had a neat room where you press a "switch" to constantly raise the floor level of a large outdoor courtyard. The texturing can be funny at times: map01 dresses up a whole room in a key strip indicator, and then outdoes that by painting the next room in scrolling sky. (Yes that is a plus.) There is also fun to be had if you like blowing clumps of stuff up with barrels, the rocket launcher, or cell weapons -- albeit only a modest amount of that. Clocking in at around 10-15 minutes of play with carryovers, I would choose this for a speedrun-type blind race.   Note: 100% kills on map02 is impossible, as it contains a zombieman standing guard over the void space.
    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      Pretty good looking map in the visual parts, including some really neat light effects as well of some other cool looking touches all over the map. Too bad that the gameplay department doesn't hold with the look of the map, since is the most boring DM map i've played in a while, at least with bots. And that's a shame!
    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      A pretty fun map with a pretty well done texturing and theme usage, maybe the layout is too symmetric for modern standards? Overall, a very enjoyable experience.