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  • File Reviews

    • By WatermelonPL · Posted
      Large and boring hordes of enemies, respawning enemies, very small maps. Quadruple shotgun is the worst weapon I've ever saw. To kill an imp, you need to shoot 2 shells, and the game won't autoreload it. You need to find a safe place, and reload it. Chaingun takes some time to actually start shooting. Even with auto regenerating health, you still need to use medkits since it takes forever to health to start regenerating (any damage stops it from regenerating)
    • By Endless · Posted
      There is a world of WADs waiting for us to find them, especially those catalogued within a certain fame that with the passage of time has been forgotten. If we browse through the Doomwiki or Doomworld forums, we may come across Serenity. A WAD created almost 3 decades ago, a collection of 8 maps for The Ultimate Doom designed by Bjorn Hermans & Holger Nathrath, two prodigies of their time who, despite following different paths, left a certain mark before saying goodbye.   Serenity is a small collection that despite being somewhat outdated with modern standards (25 years later) has certain characteristics as charming as historically important. The interesting thing is that this wad did not stay there, it continued later with interesting inclusions that sought to leave a better taste in the mouth than the previous ones. Of course, it is not the most revolutionary thing in the world, and it has certain elements that were innovative at the time, now we find them a little annoying. No matter how much time passes, I can't just forget about those ancestors who forged the tools for the future. Serenity is one of those.
    • By Zolgia108 · Posted
      i can't give more... sad...   this mapset is awesome from top to bottom, some of the fights are a big fuck you and die but that's just ribbiks style and i love it!   played with GZ, UV difficulty. It was hard to get through some fights, i actually had to cheat once because of something that i would a slightly flaw in the progression in map 6. i basically went through all the map without getting the plasma rifle but i had tons of cells, said rifle wasn't mandatory to get but it was freaking mandatory to use^^ Once i realized i didn't get it i cheated to go back and then i finished the map. Anyway this is a pure gem and it's really inspiring. Now to the next stardate!
    • By Pechudin · Posted
      Quite simply the best MegaWad I've ever played. DooM, like any other game, piece of art or real-life situation has a certain langauge. Upon loading a map you know certain things will happen. There could be keys. Monsters, certainly. Maybe platforming. At any rate, you know certain patterns mean certain things, like a key in the middle of the room or an 'unguarded' Megasphere.   This WAD breaks this langauge. Some keyed doors open up...to a brick wall! Huge open areas that you'd expect to be filled with monsters never do. It brings a certain level of discomfort, but also a sense of wonder. This is not a WAD for those looking for a challenge or fluid fights (since many fights are awkward and very start-and-stop), but for those that like the bizzare and exploration aspect.   So good!
    • By elend · Posted
      A.L.T. quickly emerged as one of my favourite megawads as well. With its "realistic" style maps, that more than once delve into the abstract and surreal and thus form something quite unique and... unsettling. The amount of neat ideas and gimmicks this mapset employs is really quite amazing and I think every single map surprised me in at least one aspect. Be it gameplay, design, atmosphere, or layout. No map is the same and apart from one I really did not like they all play very well. Most surprising of all did they manage to not get me confused and lost, which says a lot. The music was incredibly moody as well.