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About This File

My wad is a huge canyon with 3 mountains, various caves and tunnel complexes, spiral stair cases, a teleport grid, traps, and really long, scenic views! Ideal for solo play or deathmatch (lots of hidden nooks and crannies, and plenty of room to run around). I think its fairly easy, even on UV, but I didn't make it too hard. I wanted it to be fun. And so it is! Enjoy!

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Unknown date

It's Lewis Beard, drummer from ZZ Top. And he has a .mil email address (at the "Waterways Experiment Station", spooky). I remember this from Master Levels for Doom. It's not really all that good - it would be useless in Deathmatch, it's too large - but it has a certain scope that sets it apart from other 1994 wads. Still, it's technically ropey and very dated.

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Unknown date

^What he said. this map is 1994 in a nutshell, but it's playable. The thought of DM here is sickening though.

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