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About This File

Five of the most brutal deathmatch levels in existence. You'll spend hours and hundreds of frags on each one. Here's a hint of what's to come.

Map 01: "TINY" This first one is pretty much straightforward kill the other guy. Lots of dark corners, but beware the man with the light amps. He'll see you jacking off in the corner.

Map 02: "BFG" Lots of running in this one. Cyber-demon (aka Gordo) makes things interesting. Again the light amps are useful. There's a monumental secret area but no one can get there. TS.

Map 03: "GRIDIRON" This one will keep you going for hours trying to get one more kill before you quit. No secrets (except the exit). Don't stand on the green.

Map 04: "BALROG" aka Bridge of Death. Use secret elevators to get better weapons and primo attack spots. maybe.

Map 05: "MALL" Just a regular day at a Houston mall. Kill or be killed. Remember to stop by Sears to buy a BFG and other assorted hardware. Duke it out with your buddy in the food court.

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Man... This is 90's doom wad crap in a nutshell. Filled with terribly loud quotes from the simpsons and beavis&butthead, so you know it's gonna ROCK. Seriously though, the level design is just random and terrible, with some areas fullbright, some areas set to zero.. Map05 is apparently meant to be a mall, it's the only map of the bunch that isn't pure garbage... But it still sucks. This thing belongs in the past.

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