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  • File Reviews

    • By P41R47 · Posted
      Talking about A.L.T. and it convulted development leads us to nothing. And by now, there is not much recollection of what was the original story Azamael intended for the megawad. But that doesn't stopped Lainos, BeeWen and the (B0S) Clan to make what i can say for sure is the most deep and psychological Doom experience out there. The storytelling details around the maps, the oppresive atmosphere, the leitmotiv used all around, the mystery, alienation, and huge sense of dread and loneliness this megawad achieved is something never seen or experienced before.   Storytelling megawad are somewhat the most difficult to make. Why? Well, the rudimentary engine of Doom only allows a few text screens, and so, mappers has to be smart and cunning to achieve the desirable effect... All has to be made without breaking gameplay and making it boring.   This megawad is one of the projects that is at the peak of storytelling megawads, and there are not much that can equal this level of storytelling. This are the kind of megawads that i crave for. Full of details, full of atmosphere, full of deep thinking. Works that are artistic and imaginative, breaking the standars and passing by uncomprehended on their own time. Fortunately, history was kind with this work, and now it attained the reward it deserve.

      Thanks to all that worked on this project: Lainos, BeeWen, Wraith, Azamael, Chaingunner and all the members of the (B0S) Clan. This is truly a work of art in its purest form.
    • By 94's the best style · Posted
      Sluggish gameplay with little new to offer. Traps aren't creative nor is combat fun. Also, the first map has annoying pole running section and is very dark. At least geometry showed some effort.
    • By Kloki38 · Posted
      For 1995 standards the level has very good visuals, okay custom gfx and above average level design. The map itself is not very big, but it´s still fun to play. 
    • By dylux · Posted
      The Good:   - Lots of ammo, etc to keep you alive - Continuous MAPS (which I like) - Decent music - Plenty of switches that don't keep you guessing what each does - Not a slaughterfest, but will keep your trigger finger busy - Some very clever secrets thrown into the mix   The Bad:   - The Crimson Canyon Map (Gawd, I absolutely HATED this Map) - this should have been the best MAP in the game but it was disastrous. - Lots of cramped levels. - WAYYYYYY too many Hell Knights.   This WAD had so many that I wondered why this WAD wasn't called "Hell Knight" - Very little puzzles - Most secret's "treasures" were unrewarding - Monsters that appear from thin air   All in All:   For the year this WAD was created, it's got good eye candy. I really got into this WAD until I hit MAP 07. After that, it kinda went straight downhill for me because of the cramped hallways. MAP 12, the last level, was very anti-climatic due to lack of any kind of boss. The whole project just felt abandoned.   Cacoward worthy? Not by today's standards. Perhaps back in the day. Type of WAD you'll soon forget but worth a play.   3 Stars out of 5.
    • By Hellektronic · Posted
      Wow, this is a stellar example of what a Doom wad should be.   I'll start out by saying it's not easy in any sense of the word- I recommend hurt me plenty, and I never do that, lol. Ultraviolence is almost too hard in my opinion, and I'm like a blood-drinking Doom veteran, so you might want to take my word for it. It's the kind of maps where anytime you find a major switch, all hell breaks loose all around you. Lots of cacodemons, lots of spectres, and big groups of imps. There's also a lot of nukage, but don't be too intimidated, a lot of it is just short lengths you can run.   The map design, the music choices, the gameplay? Fantastic. Very well balanced items, and not too easy either. We're talking pretty much Doom 2 amounts of monsters if not more, but in Ultimate Doom, which is also a cool aspect. There aren't very many Ultimate Doom wads these days, and I appreciate the enemies of the first game a bit more than I do Doom 2.   In the end? Very tasteful. This is one of my favorite wads, I think.