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About This File

bcs04.wad is a medium sized level. My favorite level! The level looks like a house. It is complete with bedrooms, bathrooms, showers, toilets, sinks, a billiard room, a pool complete with patio furniture, a library, etc. It even has some secret closets and passages and of course a dungeon basement.

I have played this level many times in four player Deathmatch and it is continuously a blast. Hint look for secret stuff in the billiard room. All skill levels are supported and Ultra Violence can get a bit tough at times.

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I quite enjoyed this map. The opening shot of the castle is quite atmospheric, (see rd.'s screenshot below) even now. There has been obvious attention to detail here, as the map has very few unaligned textures / other visual bugs.


The numerous vanilla attempts at 'DoomCute' really won me over, especially the red felt pool-table, and shower complete w/ soapbar.


The map suffers a bit in the gameplay department - mainly because of its very low monster count. Difficulty is lukewarm at best, and power-ups are quite plentiful.


Navigation was a little bit difficult at first, as much of the map's main progression is hidden behind secret doors - I didn't initially read the readme where the author was kind enough to state: "Hint look for secret stuff in the billiard room." Once I started humping a couple walls, I figured it out.


Overall 4/5.


Some clean design in this map. You can really tell the authors put their hearts and best effort into this one.


This WAD is based off of an earlier WAD, "bcdeath5.wad". That version was apparently far less polished, and was created to run w/ Doom1.


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OspfTkk.png yqOI8Ue.png




Only in the wild west of Doom mapping that was 1995 would a creator brag about his map by itemizing the furniture. As the text file excitedly informs us, this one is outfitted with "bedrooms, bathrooms, showers, toilets, sinks, a billiard room, a pool complete with patio furniture, [and] a library." Yep, it's a My House map. 


For the time period, it looks decent and plays well. You never have to shotgun a baron. The authors pack essential legs of progression into secret passages, but it's hard to imagine them stumping a modern player for long. Key doors are marked appropriately. I'd consider this a good ease-in to mid-'90s pwad progression tropes and gameplay logic. 


Minor bug: a couple of secrets have narrow sectors that make them difficult to flag. One of these might not obviously be a secret.  

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  • File Reviews

    • By Arrowhead · Posted
      Quite a fun set of maps, that has some small problems...   You often get caught on geometry as things are a little bit too detailed.   I still had fun, though.   3/5    
    • By Denim Destroyer · Posted
      Each of the levels look good but this comes to the detriment of gameplay. Over detailing in Doom tends to cause minor pieces of geometry the player can get stuck in which I would consider to be a critical flaw in any deathmatch wad. Detailing aside layouts are too symmetrical while oddly suffering being both too claustrophobic and too open. This wad is a good example for deathmatch mappers of why detailing needs to be sparse.
    • By Teo Slayer · Posted
      I just love this MegaWAD
    • By Lol 6 · Posted
      Neither bad nor amazing. Giving it 4 stars because I actually enjoyed it
    • By Endless · Posted
      Cute, awesome and quite solid! Little map with a lot to pack. Would love to see a megawad or episode mapset in this style