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Tactical Chainsaw, Pistol Start Enforcer and Stocked Player

   (4 reviews)


About This File

A collection of 3 tiny files I've put together. Two of them are useful for having altered playstyles, the tactical chainsaw is just for the fun of it.

TacticalChainsaw.wad - Swaps the Chainsaw out for a Tactical Chainsaw, which functions as the normal chainsaw (unless it doesn't have a blade), but the alternate fire launches the blade as a low-gravity affected ripper projectile doing 40 base-damage. Designed as a powerful last ditch tool to get yourself out of a tight spot. Ammo is limited, and there's not that many chainsaws laying around in your standard Doom map in any case, so be careful when you use it. You can reuse the blades if you collect them again, though the reload is quite slow.

PistolStartEnforcer.wad - Swaps the rarely played NIGHTMARE! difficulty for a UV Pistol Starts difficulty, which is the same as Ultra Violence, but you start each map afresh with a pistol-only start.

StockedPlayer.wad - Starts the Doom player off with all weapons, a backpack and some ammo for each weapon - mostly intended for those co-op sessions where loading a saved game won't work for some reason, but you can remember which map you were on. Obviously best for difficult maps.

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Walter confetti

The tactital chainsaw is pretty funny

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Unknown date

The chainsaw mod is pretty neat... 3/5

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Unknown date


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  • File Reviews

    • By Pepo · Posted
      thank god Underhalls was the map that followed this mod as that level was able to remind me what actually competent level design looks like.
    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      Not that bad, even kind of interesting find the secrets in the map! But yeah, that switches jungle is a awful choice really.
    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      A basic and nice looking showroom type of map where monsters are trapped inside glass prisons, no exit and no way to play this with any modern source Port like DSDA-Doom and GZDoom, but works really well in Crispy Doom. It was a pleasant experience.
    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      Conceptually not bad, it's a pretty imposing tower with some decent lighting, but no ammo at all despite having the guns and a VERY obscure way to rise up the floor in the lava pit? That's a big downer. But overall, it's ok.
    • By eanasir · Posted
      Well, the map is pretty basic. The map is quite challenging, with there being 0 ammo pickups (excluding the backpack) outside of the starting room. There are also nazis for some reason. I will give it 2 stars only because this really wasn't meant to be played to be enjoyed, but rather just a example of how to build a map in DEU.