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About This File

This is a brick and steel arena with special lighting. It's possible to get lost when you have to in the shadows. Lots of atmosphere. I've included all weapons except the BFG, lots of ammo, and enough health to make it worth while to escape a losing firefight.

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Unknown date

An interesting map that looks good for its age. May not be the best battlefield out there, but its worth just snooping around for a moment of Doom nostalgia. Another map made to be played with friends 2 decades ago by the sound of the txt file.

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  • File Reviews

    • By Kepehn · Posted
      I Just played it recently and I really liked it! Also I love the fact that it plays continually (it goes from e1m8 to e2m1). Some maps were better than others, some are small others are big, but overall it was a very good experience. I especially loved e2m2 - The Bungalow of Dr. Chaos, with each key being in "Dimensions" out of the mansion. It's a levelset with little sense of progression and with different styles of maps here and there. I would prefer that the campaign final map was e2m8 and the only way to play the e3m1 was from the menu. e2m8 should have been the HUMP's showdown, and the e3m1 would be a bonus map. But apart from that, it's an awsome Heretic Megawad and I recomend it for all Heretic lovers!
    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      Nice puzzle-ish mapset from early years of magicsofa mapping experience, before saving various newstuff reviews articles from a dusty oblivion (that is actually what happens now after 5 months of inactivity... Do your duty of release a new article of newstuff reviews, Mr bloodshedder! I think there's enough articles for a new session!)... Nothing groundbreaking, but still a fun mapset with funny ideas!
    • By Barefootstallion · Posted
      A very beautiful map, great ambiance.   Ammo-starvation quickly became a problem in UV early on, though - fighting pinkies and imps in the maze in the first part of the map emptied me out pretty quickly.  Needs either more ammo pickups or hit-scanners to drop ammo.  That is why the three stars.   Otherwise, this was a very beautiful map.
    • By Barefootstallion · Posted
      What a nice map!   I loved the colors, the use of 3D floors and slopes, and all the extra little tidbits you threw in - the switch beeps, the force fields and on and on.  A really well put together map.  One which made for a great gameplay experience.  A must-play for just about everyone!
    • By StormCatcher.77 · Posted
      Really enjoyable and well designed techbase map.   The overall atmosphere made me remember Doom 64, or Unreal, especially thanks to the work with color lighting and good sounding music. The gameplay seemed difficult on UV at the very beginning, because of the abundance of hitscanners, which could very effectively control the space of the map. At the moment, when player get super shotgun, all thing come easy, but the gameplay still holds in suspense, because opponents attack unexpectedly. A great challenge for an experienced player.   I'm glad to found another good map to place it in my collection.