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  • File Reviews

    • By Endless · Posted
      The peak of challenging map design. Vrack works in every way, from its elegant and technological design, the fantastic texture work, the unique and well done theme, the magnificent difficulty developed through fantastic enemy placement as well as items and secrets and a theme as unique as it is subtle.   Many maps developed with the idea of being ''challenging'' followed in Vrack's footsteps, seeking to offer a quality as sublime in its creation as an equally challenging but still enjoyable without crossing into ''unfair'' zone.   It's just a classic that, surprisingly, holds up extremely well today.
    • By ReaperAA · Posted
      A few million revenants =/= infinite revenants. I was lied. So 0/5 stars
    • By Endless · Posted
      Taking into account the date this WAD was launched (1998) we can see why it is so admired and held in such high esteem. It is a WAD that for our modern times can be considered boring and old, but we must be able to transport our mind to the classical times. Phobos gave birth to an experiment and innovation never seen before, made with such care and capacity that you can still hear the echo it made.   Of course, the gameplay is a factor that can be a little uncomfortable, since it wasn't as well thought out as the graphic design, especially the placement of enemies and items, but still, it's just a milestone, guys.   It is an important piece of history in showing us how an author was able to break the limits and go beyond what the standard established; as the saying goes, don't point to the sky, point to Phobos.
    • By guitardz · Posted
      Needs more Revenants...