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  • File Reviews

    • By SilverMiner · Posted
      Doom is not a spawner of political memes
    • By NuMetalManiak · Posted
      on the unlucky thirteenth of dwspd, we have a theme incorporating "a lot of barrels" which will allow authors to give their own takes on Barrels O' Fun. indeed, these maps are gonna be painful, starting out with a trap and revenants and barrels showing right off the first map. sadly the rest of that map just involves shooting them as they are in front of you. the second map oddly enough is the best although really it's just a normal level. Fredrik uses the gimmick to work here, although with unavoidable barrel damage at the start I'm most certainly not a fan of it this time around. MAP04 sucks, and MAP05 is another straight shot map. the best map being an average normal level says something about this one, it's just not as good as the others for sure.
    • By NuMetalManiak · Posted
      on the eleventh, wait what, there is no dwspd011!? uh oh, maybe it was rejected from the archives or something. so let's go ahead and see what the twelfth installment of dwspd has to offer. the theme? build a factory. it almost seems trite considering that MAP12 of Doom 2 does indeed have you in "The Factory" but let's see what we have come up with for this wad. oh, only four maps, and by playing this, the only one that's worth any time at all is the final map. the first map is a linear gauntlet run through small corridors, where you have an imp right in front of you and a shotgun in between two cacodemons, which is insanely difficult to fight there. MAP02 is fundamentally broken as far as I can tell. MAP03 is insanely lackluster. not a single one of these maps comes close to the factory theme. what saves it is MAP04. this is a map that of course is made by Fredrik, but adheres wholly to the theme while offering crates, a conveyor, a bit of outside area, and some rather tough combat which isn't abnormal considering who the author is. they should have just made this a Fredrik map only considering how shit the other three were.
    • By NuMetalManiak · Posted
      the tenth week of dwspd has the theme of "flooded city" which is a nice echo back to the very first of the dwspds which was "lava city". here we have seven maps, all deal with flooded areas, and the quality of these maps is increasing as you go along. first map is definitely not city, but does show the fake floor trick, then you climb just one building to the top. second map also isn't a city but more of a temple that looks strange (plus having to rocket barons in tight halls). third map, uh, there's not much to this one but at least it did what it could thematically. fourth map brings all the carnage underwater while allowing for an optional cyberdemon fight. fifth tries but doesn't really have that city vibe, yet at least had some interesting things to it. the best two maps are MAP06 (in theme it's the best) and MAP07 (a concoction of buildings strewn over the nukage, having to go across each one until you get a radsuit so you can tackle the center). well there's more maps, and it feels a lot more fun than some of the previous ones.