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After the eclipse

   (9 reviews)
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About This File

A simple Boom wad. It's my first released work here, and even my first work with Boom. It has only 11 Maps, cause I don't have much time to make a full megawad. I don't know where did the name come from, It's just a name.

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It's been 2 years since this release. Even I wouldn't rate it any good. I just had a thought of remaking it, again in Boom format, but with better experience, would try to balance it better, make gameplay better, detailing, etc. Maps wouldn't be all the same, but the concept, maybe also the soundtrack/textures would be. What do you think?

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Unknown date

There's obviously a lot of raw enthusiasm being shown by the author, but the experience/know-how isn't quite there yet. The main culprit is texture alignment (a lot unpegging issues to go around) and, at least at this point, experimenting with linedef actions that aren't quite mastered yet. That said, the gameplay was decent enough, but most areas were too cramped and the floor overdetailed, which really creates a 'meh' feeling overall. Look forward to future, cleaner works, though. 4/10 -Snakes

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Unknown date

There is some fun to be had here but visual glitches are abound, its a pistol start meanie, and the archvile/baron combos on maps 04-11 make for some impossible situations. My recommendation to author is to play your own maps before you rush'n'release! On the + side, track were decent! 2/5 -FoH ::FDA(map 11 only) -prboom+ 2.5.1 skill4::http://www.m ediafire.com/downloa d.php?lomgd24f242wei y(remove spaces)

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Unknown date

i thought it was great. nice music choices, nice progression, a few fun ideas here and there, and breezy gameplay. bonus points for details like the debris laying on the ground in the hotel map. if i had to gripe about anything, id say to make your silent teleporters a little cleaner in the future. seeing sectors and monsters pop out of thin air like that doesnt look so nice. keep it up

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  • File Reviews

    • By chlef · Posted
      No, this is not good by any stretch. First 25 levels feel like they are all the same - colorless, flat, dull and bland. Next 3 look like deathmatch arenas with a handful of monsters. Again, all pretty much the same. The last two are pitch black mazes - oh what fun. As for the secret levels - I abandoned both. Map31 is a maze alternating between pitch darkness and flashing primary colours and map 32 is simply an incomprehensible mess. Possibly acceptable if you just want to kill some time with mindless point and shoot, but not what I would call an enjoyable Doom experience. At least it avoids degenerating into slaughter.
    • By aargh · Posted
      Pros: Straightforward, lot of action, no button madness. Plays smooth. Classic Doom feeling.
      Cons: Lots of invisible lines blocking monsters. Lots of hitscanners and not enough health packs.
    • By MuratMikal · Posted
      An enjoyable set of maps of easy difficulty (MAP 07 is medium) in UV with simple design that worked well for me. Finished the whole set in 02:40 min. Certainly worth a shot!
    • By chlef · Posted
      I rarely quit a wad in disgust, but this one did it. It was pushing a 5 star experience, but then the slaughter stupid started ~map19 and only got worse. It's not clever, not amusing and absolutely not entertaining. It ruined an otherwise good wad and left a very sour taste. Why do mappers do this? Played on HNTR and it really was that bad.
    • By P41R47 · Posted
      I have a real blast while playing this megawad. Think that Quake is not brown enough? You will get the ultimate browness here. I think that, beside the simplistic ugliness of it, it gives a good cohesive look to all the maps. And this one are really big and fun to explore. The ideas of cities, fortresses, islands, canyons and caves, and finaly tech base on moon, are really neat and some looks really good. The story of the wad is pretty good, too. I love the liberties that the author takes while doing this mapset. As i played a lot and i found this kind of ideas in a few wads along the way.
      What i didn't like it much, is that there wasn't other skies than the episode one sky from Doom 2. Again, i think it is that way for a cohesive storytelling, but anyway, it would be cool to feel the sense of time in the maps with different skies and shadows deploying in differents ways along the maps.

      This could be the Eternal Doom of doom stock textures, but the linearity of the maps, aside from the somewhat empty but interesting areas to explore, departs slighty from the formula, and there are not soo much details as one might expect from a mapset like this. Don't get fooled by that, even with the somewhat Heretic-like linearity, the maps are fun, gorgeous in its brownway and pretty challenging.
        I recommend this megawad to anyone that likes to explore and have a challenge in the vein of the best of team TNT mapsets.