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Unity City (Version 1.4)

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About This File

A 6-level Doom Base style miniWAD created from scratch. Designed original Doom style, meaning No Jumping or crouching, mouseaim not recommended.

My first work as a Doom mapper, so partially this was more like practicing mapping and introducing myself to Wad editing.

Also includes self-composed Music and self-made graphics (Title Screen, intermission screens etc.)

Doom I style with a couple Doom II monsters (with the exception of the last level, which is more Doom II -like.


After the events in Phobos, UAC has stricly forbidden the usage of any teleportation equipment. However, after some time a message is sent to a secret military evacuation base in Mars, Unity City. A gateway has been opened again, and the horrors of Phobos are now taking place on earth. The Army forces cooperating with the UAC begin a desperate effort of transporting its military elite to safety, and opens the portal in Unity City. Something goes horribly wrong, and communications with Unity City are lost. You, returning from a supply transmission in Mars, are the last man outside the earth’s atmosphere. With the rest of humanity trapped on earth, it is you who is called to investigate the situation…

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Unknown date

A decent wad that is on the difficult side. Mainly due to a large amount of hitscanners, and some interesting (and sometimes unfair) traps. Map 06 has an interesting puzzle involving a voodoo doll trap. I would give this 4 stars, but map 06 has one of my biggest pet peeves: a key that is only accessible on ultra-violence and above. So 3/5

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  • File Reviews

    • By Raith138 · Posted
      Map 01: The whole map is one big fight, and I personally really liked it. I enjoyed running around the map using the artifacts littered around in order to kill the swarms of baddies. My only real complaint would be having to kill all the enemies to progress which could be pretty annoying if one of them hides in a really obscure spot.   Map 02: Pretty classic hexen map. It was good but it was the most forgettable map in the wad due to the relatively generic theme. Also the swamp key segment was probably the worst part of the wad due to the amount of stalkers and lack of health. It also fell into the trap of over using slaughtaurs which got annoying pretty fast.   Map 03: ...The idea behind this map and the atmosphere was extremely cool. I personally loved the puzzle with the 5 switches near the start and it was probably my favorite part of the wad. But... The lack of railings made falling off a very common occurrence and the layout got confusing at times. I don't know if it was intentional but in order to get to Yorik's statue I had to jump on the pillars used as decoration. The main complaint would be the over use of wendigos at the start and a pretty anti-climactic boss fight. The sublevel was really fun to explore too.   General: It seems common for hexen wads to do this but there was no 4th weapon. The 4th weapon is the funnest weapon to use and while it could break the difficulty in some sections I think it would be worth it because the majority of the time you are stuck hitting things with your second weapon which feels repetitive.   Overall: While I was pretty negative in this review I still gave it four stars for a reason and that is because this wad is a lot of fun. You could tell every room had thought put into it and the entire wad is just gorgeous. If you can look past the small problems this wad is a amazing experience with a solid story as well. Must play for any hexen fan.
    • By video_ouija · Posted
      1998. Nice Heretic map with a good flow. Resource management required. I had a lot of fun learning/playing this one.
    • By Akagi666 · Posted
      Very good. I prefer Map 23 on to the early stuff tbh. I only didn't give it 5 stars cause I think Speed of Doom takes a similar style and does it better.
    • By MeriMemesX · Posted
      This is the Alpha of Doom... I mean, we are not going to fool ourselves that it is not bad, it is very bad, mainly due to the lack of many things in the HUD   so honestly I didn't like it, for an Alpha it's fairly good at that time, but even so it didn't provoke anything since I wasn't there at that time at all
    • By MeriMemesX · Posted
      Rizera would have surely enjoyed this map, it's just not for me, I find it tedious, but 100% Rizera fan   (also i figure out how softlock me)