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Satan's Dominion Series

   (2 reviews)
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About This File

Running... Hiding... They're everywhere... Running... Death everywhere... Home, safety.. Safe finnally, all my friends killed, my family... Satan, he found me, I can't hide. He has me. Darkness... Awakening. A cell, an unlocked door. Where am I? A window, demons and devils everywhere, Hell. I must escape, to preserve the life... Adventure through the Outpost in Hell, the first mission in the Satan's Dominion Series. Can you escape?

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This level starts a bit extreme, in a dungeon full of Iron Liches and yourself only with the Elven Wand and the artifacts. It's probably not playable on Black Plague, but fine on Smite Meister. It's pretty satisfying because you get the means to beat them all. Eventually the gameplay turns to normal, which is underwhelming on Smite Meister, but the author took care to add some puzzles and some interesting gameplay elements near the end.


WARNING: this level has a bug. At some point you'll encounter a continually rising wall, which will keep going up as you cross a line. That wall cannot be lowered by anything else! You will have to use the "kitty" cheat code to pass through.

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Unknown date

Architecture is pretty bland, but not outright ugly, while the gameplay is quite bad, with scattered monsters and poor weapon/ammo balance making for a map that's difficult in the wrong sort of way. The uninteresting mediocrity is punctuated with a puzzle that's clever in theory, but tedious in practice.

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  • File Reviews

    • By Argenteo · Posted
      Another in the Titan series. One of the simplest if you calmly take the time to find the hidden weapons. Moderately long but entertaining. Abstract.
    • By Argenteo · Posted
      It took me several tries to unwrap the map but I really enjoyed it. J Flynn still amazes me. A tricky great map.
    • By kin0agent · Posted
      This map is beautiful to look at and amazing to play. It reminds me of a something I'd see from a map in the late 90s and I love it.
    • By Teo Slayer · Posted
      I'm breaking up with Valiant to start my new love with Hellbound. Best DOOM mapset that has been made. I have replayed it more than once with Brutal DOOM Platinum and Final Doomer(Hellboundguy class) and I still can't get tired of it. Cities, hellish maps, tech bases, I just love it. I also really like the combination of E2M1, E2M2 and E2M3 in Map19. Amazing stuff right there, I strongly recommend this
    • By Astronomical · Posted
      I forgot to review it when I first finished it, but I played it again with final doomer so I think it's time.   Ancient aliens is beautiful, and it plays as well as it looks.  SkillSaw gives some of his best maps in his career, only matched by his heartland performance.  But the heavy lifting is really done by the presentation, stewboys midis always fit, and the fact the soundtrack is bespoke is incredible.  I personally enjoy all of the maps, only the secret maps have any issues fitting in, and secret maps are allowed to not be great.  My only issue with the wad are the inconsistent 3rd episode, and ironically it's skillsaw's work in that episode that is probably the worst (So good, but not as good as the earlier work in the wad) as the rest of the team turns in great work.