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  • File Reviews

    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      I probably don't get quite of the jokes that this wad tries to mock with (this is a joke wad, right? RIGHT?) but i see that these guys wants to mock us badly. Un-readable runes, milions of bitmap faces, jumping bitmap klingons, fatass trekkers being crushed in E2M4 (and this map is inteneded for cooperative play, but actually is pretty easy as pie), a endless circle arena inside a secret sector for E2M3, the blandest arenas for a DM map i've seen so far and a unfinished map for the final confrontation against trekkers (uh, Klingon fans hates ordinary trekker? Please let me understand!) and doom monsters in a """"epic"""" trench warfare (sprites of fat trekkers is kinda cute, i must admit)...   I really don't get this wad, it looks like a weird ass mock 2 style mini episode, but where is the joke? Where is the fun in this. Bad. Real, real bad.
    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      Is not that bad as reviewers want to make think back in older times. Sure, E1M1 / MAP01 midi is loud as shit and the sounds are a little annoying sometimes, but overall the graphic works on Kenshiro arms and legs and some texture work are pretty good looking, reminds me a little of Strife.
    • By Juza · Posted
      For some reason, I always looked at Requiem as one of the more 'weird' and forgettable of the popular 90s megawads. However, that doesn't mean it isn't good fun and doesn't feature mindblowingly good levels, with an amazing soundtrack all the way through.   For the most part, Requiem was certainly very advanced for its time, much like Memento Mori II and Eternal Doom. Its first two episodes contain the most fun and beautiful levels of its package, with a grand variety of themes, from techbases, to temples and caves, to the most wonderful and memorable city levels of 90s megawads.   However, it doesn't go without featuring many bad apples, mostly seen on its late episode. MAP20 and forward certainly features some of Requiem's worst levels, resorting to hitscan hell for their difficulty and featuring weird, confusing progression, downgraded visuals and other weird issues: MAP24 for example being one of the most infamous for being near impossible to complete through a pistol start, and the last level featuring a laughably easy to kill Icon of Sin with some weak, uninspired battles beforehand. I can give a shout-out to MAP28 for being an unique and fun level, much like the early and mid episode levels.   Requiem is a very good megawad which everyone should give a try at some point, but personally, it wouldn't be one of my first recommendations when it comes to the 90s.  
    • By slef · Posted
      Amazing this is still floating around on the interwebs!! I have downloaded them all again and firing up ZDoom for a trip back.   Maybe it's time I finish this series? Thanks for the kind feedback @Doomkid ... I made this when I was 15 or 16 and obviously full of teen angst, at least that seems apparent from the language in the readme.
    • By Forli · Posted
      I'm just writing this review to let everyone know that you are supposed to run this choosing the original plutonia as the iwad and not doom2, or else (on zdoom at least) the plutonia textures will be shown as black and the midtextures will not be drawn at all, causing confusion since the blocking lines are still there. I made that mistake the fist time I played this wad.