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About This File

Really big spaces, high ceilings and not many doors, as like as lifts and teleporters. Lots of Imps and Sergeants...

...And there's NO HEALTH BONUS. I think it's no realistic.

One last thing: read the history to know how to exit this level.

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Story has no sense. Murderer to go to haven has to kill victims again? WTF? No health becouse unrealistic? Shooting demons is realistic? Extremely frustraiting becouse of extremly dark mazes with hitscanners. Impassible to avoid damages... Better don't download. Waste of time

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Unknown date

The idea is that you have to find the exit in a big maze of a map before you get hurt too much (because there is no way to replenish your health, although you may find a blue armor). Could be interesting, but the abundance of hitscanners made it too frustrating for me. Oh, btw, the exit "switch" is a plain wooden wall without any signs on it. The readme gives a hint though so better read it if you decide to check this map out.

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Unknown date

The description says all - 94 WAD with over 50% of the enemies being hitscanners, no health pickups, and no new content. I have a word for Byte & Byte Associates - 0x0001.

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  • File Reviews

    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      Another great installment of "The Way ID Did" megawads, this is a really good classic maps where the style of original mappers is been mimicked very well, for having the really good stuff you have to wait, but when you get it, you'll enjoy it a lot! Also congratulations for finally giving "The Chasm" justice (don't worry, since MAP24 is again the "lower" point of wad, but the gimmick aren't that weird like in the original Doom 2, trust me) with it's MAP28 "The Abyss". Lots of cool maps and some shining gems. The Coomander Keen secret maps are a fancy surprise.
    • By Teo Slayer · Posted
      An another masterpiece from the Scythe Series. I liked the green demons, the idea to set it on a space station which is taken over by Hell's demons sounds neat and as always, I had fun and I was grateful to play it. Hope you'll return one day with Full version of Scythe X   Easily my favourite Megawad Series  
    • By Teo Slayer · Posted
      An another awesome Megawad from you Erik. I really liked the details and the design of the maps you added. And the music you added is all the money. I really liked the Ancient Egypt levels and the music that was used on Map 13:Mining Project reminded me the days when I first started the Megaman X games, as it's Sigma Stage 1 Theme.

      Hope you will make a completed version of Scythe 3
    • By JBerg · Posted
      I just played this for the first time in 2021 and I enjoyed it a lot! The maps are sort of old school but play very well.
    • By printz · Posted
      A non-conventional level with quite some novel ideas, but none fully executed. Overall easy, save for a more tense location.